Patton Electronics CopperLink Model 2172 (1 post)

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    This product wins the award for the most ugly, overpriced and under performing product on the market today.

    Performance is subpar at only 50-Mbps – Why even bother?

    Cost is 2 to 3 times as much as any competing product on the market today – Are you kidding me?

    Design/Features Only has one LAN port vs industry standard of 2 ports. – Definitely wins the ugly design award – think their logo and design team are stuck in in the 60’s

    Tech Support Expect to hear RTFM if you happen to be lucky enough to actually get through to a live person. Don’t even think of asking for a refund either. Defiantly not their strongest suit.

    Support Used to be Made in the USA – Patton recently sold out their own US employees for the sake of greed and profits and have now outsourced to China – Thanks for helping out the USA!

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