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Why buy Enable-IT Brand?

Enable-IT, Inc. specializes in USA design and USA factory direct manufacture of Extended Ethernet and PoE solutions. Serving US National Security needs, US federal agencies and the commercial sector since 1996.

Enable-IT pioneered and dominates the Ethernet and PoE Extension industry. Enable-IT brand is the recognized superior worldwide gold standard in Ethernet and PoE Extension and continues it’s innovative solutions to meet any challenge you may have. If you don’t see a product that fits your need we’ll customize any form factor and features you need.

Founded in 1982, Incorporated in 1997 Enable-IT has developed Global hands on experience with over 37 years of complex networking and Internet consulting practice and grown into specialized experts for developing Broadband Ethernet Communication Technology and Ethernet Extender kits/Ethernet Extension kits. Our USA OEM Design engineers and manufacturing operations are all proudly In-house.


Why Enable-IT

SECURE Professional Grade Designed and Made in the USA with Pride and Quality.

EnableIT Ethernet Extenders have been certified spyware free and trusted in some of the most secure environments such as control of mobile arsenals of US Nuclear weapon systems. Trust the protection and value of your company’s LANs on our Professional Grade Ethernet Extenders vs cheap so called “Chinese” Business Grade knockoffs that can contain insidious spyware.

Everyone in the 21st century does need to be fully aware of security risks to their networks. The very existence of foreign spyware and massive foreign government efforts to get into networks worldwide for competitive intelligence and economic espionage is ever present. Before buying anyone equipment – Always ask where it’s made and by whom! When in doubt ask if their gear is certified secure encrypted!

Enable-IT China Safe LAN
Enable-IT 828P Kit

PoE Extenders

Enable-IT is the inventor of PoE Extenders (Extended Ethernet and PoE combined).

We have revolutionized several industries by enabling PoE devices where they need to not where they are limited to. Our PoE Technology supports IEEE PoE (48v), PoE+ (56V) and LTPoE++ (90v).

The only solution for installing long distance Remote PoE devices like High End PTZ IP Cameras. Drive Ethernet with PoE+ up over 4,000ft (1,2km) over any copper or coaxial cable. Our products use secure encryption unlike the competitors caught using Chinese listening firmware.


Ethernet DSLAM

Rackmount Multi-Point Ethernet and PoE Extender DSLAM Concentrators.

Connect multiple distant locations (up to 24,000ft away) to a single backbone solution.
Ideal for providing Internet access to multi-unit properties like Hotels, outdoor camps, Office complexes, Apartments, Campus Dormitories, Ski Resorts, Stadiums, Shopping Malls Trailer parks, Marinas and Cruise Ships.

Enable-IT Ethernet DSLAM