Enable-IT 265 Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection Defined

It is unfortunate, but a fact of life, that LAN devices and other networking equipment that use outdoor, exposed cabling environments can be damaged by high-voltage surges and spikes. Such power surges and spikes are most often caused by nearby lightning strikes.

However, there are occasions when the surges and spikes result from any one of a variety of other causes. These causes may include direct contact with power/lightning circuits, static buildup on cables and components, high energy transients coupled into equipment from cables in close proximity, potential differences between grounds to which different equipment’s are connected, miswired systems and even human equipment users who have accumulated large static electricity charge build-ups on their clothing.

We highly recommend our 265 Lightning Protection product for any LAN based Lighting protection or other high-voltage surges.

The Enable-IT™ 265LP is a complete solution for LAN Lightning Protection. The 265 LP Gigabit PoE Ethernet Lightning Protection kit is a set of compact weather resistant units that provide protection for Ethernet data or PoE applications. To protect your outdoor line and attached LAN equipment requires one unit on each end closest to your LAN gear, otherwise you’re fooling yourself. These Lightning Protection units are fully compatible with industry-standard Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) devices and 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet networks, providing protection to both Ethernet data pairs as well as the PoE DC power feed.

The compact weather resistant housing features a single port access and a lockable hinged cover that will not close while wires are being terminated. Mounting holes are provided on the rear. A ground lug and terminal is provided in the lightning protector housing providing superior grounding.

These units will save your expensive LAN or PoE IP Equipment at both ends and they do their job by taking the brunt of a lightning strike damage. They are not repairable once they perform this task and will need to be replaced. If you live in a lightning prone area it is advisable to have a spare set for each outdoor line your trying to protect so that you maintain the safety of your expensive LAN and PoE Equipment.

Lightning Protection Defined