Gigabit Ethernet Extender up to 6,000 Ft

Gigabit Ethernet Extender – Enable-IT is very proud to once again leapfrog the industry and now has the worlds first (released December 2014). The only multiport Enable-IT 860 PRO Gigabit Ethernet Extender that runs over 1-pair of wiring up to 6,000ft – that’s’ 1.13 miles.

The newly designed model also comes with a limited lifetime warranty that surpasses any current manufacturer warranties including our own industry leading 4-year warranty.
Built on our proprietary design and globally recognized ruggedized styling, ONLY Enable-IT Gigabit Ethernet can deliver!.

860 PRO Gigabit Ethernet Extender

860 PRO Gigabit Ethernet Extender

The World’s most trusted and deployed brand, Enable-IT™ designs and manufacturers in the USA the 860 PRO Gigabit Ethernet Extender.
This kit is available in a slick professional grade IP68 Waterproof enclosure for those seeking outdoor installations in extreme environments. See the 860W PRO here for reference. ►

This network extender transports Gigabit Ethernet up to TWENTY times further than the IEEE 802.3 specifications for Ethernet LAN limits of just 328 feet / 100m. Leverage any 1-pair of existing or new wiring that is contiguous all the way up to 1.13 Miles (6,000ft) or 1.83km (1,829m) to create your encrypted and secure LAN extension.

Typically low cost CAT 2 Telephone wire all the way up to CAT 7 rated twisted pair can be used vs expensive fiber that can’t support power transport.

This is a trusted Business Reliable Professional Grade Ethernet Extension without the high cost of fiber or unsecured wireless. Why risk your business data to lower quality imported equipment? The value of your network communications and company secrets should be a protected investment.

These units have built in encryption to protect the link between the units and most importantly your digital contents from foreign competitive interests that have shown up in our copycat clone competitors equipment – some of which have been banned in the USA.
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