USA factory direct from the Inventors of Ethernet Extender and PoE Extender Technology.

Highest Throughput Ethernet Extender & PoE Extender Solutions in the Industry!

EnableIT is globally known for its superior engineered Ethernet Extender and PoE Extender solutions that deliver dramatic network performance-improvement and significant cost savings over traditional wireless or fiber technology. We are pioneers in the Ethernet and PoE industries. Our Ethernet Extenders and PoE Extenders deliver unsurpassed Ethernet performance, power, and reach! And we offer the most knowledgeable English-speaking customer service and technical support in the industry.USA factory direct Ethernet Extender & PoE Extender

EnableIT is the only Ethernet Extender and PoE Extender source on the PLANET who can guarantee 100% US based design, development, manufacture, shipping, and support of our superior Ethernet Extender and PoE Extender Solutions.

We offer exceptional AS9100D Aerospace Certified Quality products—Made in the USA—with the best features and benefits, craftsmanship, components, shipping terms, and after-sales support available.

Our gracious customer service teams and knowledgeable technical support teams are 100% US based, too. They are highly trained and highly skilled in Ethernet and PoE troubleshooting—and they are easy to understand and happy to help!

At EnableIT, we are the premier original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of Broadband Ethernet communication technologies and solutions. We are the go-to resource and strategic sourcing partners for the most demanding buyers in the most demanding organizations in the most demanding industries worldwide.

Our customers include the Military; NASA; aerospace manufacturers; nautical infrastructure builders; video surveillance and security specialists; advanced telecommunications companies; extreme mining operators; global construction enterprises; commercial agriculture companies; major healthcare providers; live entertainment, broadcasting, and news agencies; extreme retail/POS organizations; long-distance education companies; international hospitality companies; and more.

Count on us as your go-to resource and be sure you are getting the high-performance, powerful, and secure U.S.-made solutions you need.

Undeniable Enable-IT Benefits

  • Designed and Made in the USA
    Factory Direct Highest Quality Expert Product Engineering.
    Don’t be fooled by foreign companies with US offices selling you cheap quality electronics from who knows where.
    Insist on USA made high quality equipment and support.       ►WHY A MADE IN THE USA ETHERNET EXTENDER MATTERS
  • Professional Grade Equipment – Trusted Reliability
    (Ruggedized, Extreme Distance, Highest Throughput, OEM Customizable, Encrypted and Secure)
    Since 1997, we invented and have been manufacturing the highest quality Made in the USA Ethernet Extender and PoE Extender Solutions.
    US Factory Floor direct same day flat rate shipping.
  • Lifetime Product Warranty – Industry Leading
    Peace of Mind Longest Product Warranty in the industry – Limited Lifetime Product Warranty.
    Why would you waste your time and money with anything of inferior quality
    or from a company that doesn’t stand behind it’s own products?► WARRANTY DETAILS
  • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee
    For those who wish to try our superior USA engineered Ethernet and or PoE technology.
    We offers a gracious 45-Day trial period when purchasing single unit kits per our policy ► $ Back Details .
  • Certified Spyware Free
    Buyer Beware! Knockoff competitors of our products have been banned by the US Govt for containing data stealing spyware.
    Our products are trusted in some of the most secure environments such as control of US Nuclear weapon systems through our national security contracts for the DOD and US Military.
  • No Configuration – Plug and Go – Highest Throughput
    All of our products are ready right out of the box.
    Simply connect the devices to your cabling and plug them in if they require a power adapter.
    There are no configuration parameters to set up! We even include your country-specific power adapters.
    Don’t settle for low bandwidth. And because we offer the highest speeds of any Ethernet Extender Manufacturer, we make sure you won’t have to.
    High performance solutions without compromise – that’s what you’ll get.
  • Same Day Flat Rate Shipping – US Factory Floor Direct
    Our US West coast AS9011D manufacturing facility processes all orders placed by 3:30pm PST and expedites for same day shipping worldwide.
    Flat Rate Domestic US Shipping – ►See our preferred shipping commitment details.
  • Next Business Day Advanced Replacement Service
    No other manufacturer in our industry can stand behind their products or services as well as Enable-IT does bar none.
    We offer a optional 4-Year peace of mind business continuity AREP (Next Business Day Advanced Replacement) service. – See our ► AREP DETAILS policy here.
  • US Based Expert Technical Support and Customer Care Team
    No need to speak Mandarin or Urdo and or wait days to get timely support to technical questions answered.
    Our Expert Technical Customer Care Team along with our OEM Design engineers and manufacturing operations are all Proudly USA In-house.
    We take great pride in listening to and understanding your needs and providing professional timely support.
  • Custom USA Made OEM Solutions
    If you need a design or specifications that are not in one of our products, our OEM Design engineers and manufacturing operations are all Proudly USA In-house.
    We can create tailored OEM solutions in days with minimum 10 unit quantity orders.
    Enable-IT Solutions can give you a strategic advantage in your marketplace – ► SEE HOW
    Call Us Toll Free from anywhere on the Planet – Enable-IT – The Ethernet Extender Experts

Strategic Sourcing Partners
Enable-IT is the world’s most trusted go-to resource for network-focused executives, managers, and professionals who demand extreme network hardware, performance, and security—and who are accountable for mission-critical information technology, telecommunications, and electric infrastructure decisions.

Our highly trained and highly skilled American workers offer 100% US-based design, manufacture, and service (DMS) capabilities. Our engineering teams are experts in infrastructure vulnerability management—especially, the cyclical practice of identifying, classifying, mitigating, remediating, and preventing hardware vulnerabilities.

Enable-IT is the right match for mission-focused organizations that need extreme structural performance advantages over competitors in relation to operating costs, information security, and infrastructure functionality.

We deliver premium network hardware including Ethernet Extenders, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Extenders, Smart Wall Plates, Extreme Original Equipment Manufacturer (Extreme OEM) Network Products, and Customized Network Solutions.

Our extreme network experts offer research, education, and consulting services to help clients like you achieve infrastructure-related advantages that ultimately improve your organization’s revenues, operating efficiencies, earnings growth, regulatory compliance, and competitiveness.

Network Security Gurus
Enable-IT’s Ethernet Extenders, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Extenders, and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) Solutions are designed to counter a broad range of network security risks and security defects (security bugs)—enhancing overall network integrity and information assurance.

Our Military-spec hardware design—and our understanding of defensible network infrastructure, computing, and communication systems—reduces network system susceptibilities, reduces attacker access to exposed network components, and challenges hacker capabilities in exploiting network vulnerabilities.

Enable-IT’s tier-one network hardware engineers not only understand but also establish best practices in hardware-centric network system security—and we have the training and know-how to spot flaws and weaknesses in customer system design, implementation, operation, management, and modification.

Our network hardware engineers are knowledgeable about the latest network and hardware vulnerabilities and exposures, common vulnerability scoring systems (CVSS), and defense-in-depth methods (multilayer defense systems).

We can help you counter critical network risks that low-cost competitors might otherwise introduce into your systems: network hardware risks (hardware Trojan horses [HTHs], humidity, dust, soiling, unprotected storage), network software risks (design flaws, inadequate audit trails, insufficient testing), network design risks (insecure network architecture, unprotected communication lines), network administrator risks (inadequate recruiting processes, insufficient security awareness), network site risks (physical security, unprotected environment, unreliable power), and network management risks (insufficient security planning, white-hat testing, security auditing, intrusion detection, early-warnings and intercepts, vulnerability corrections, and prosecutions).

Enable-IT customers like you count on us to help you (1) prevent cost, security, and reliability missteps; (2) attain structural performance advantages over competitors in relation to infrastructure efficiencies, security, and functionality; and (3) protect against structural vulnerabilities (e.g., created by cost-based purchasing, foreign sourcing, and inferior hardware).

A History of Innovation and Standard Setting
Beginning 1982 and launching our current organization in 1997, Enable-IT offers 36 years of experience as a global leader in both complex and plug-and-play information technology, telecommunications, and electric infrastructure solutions.

If you have a network hardware challenge, we have a solution!

We help network infrastructure and administration experts like you dominate your industries preemptively with groundbreaking Broadband Communications Technologies that exceed the performance of today’s gold-standard solutions and raise the bar on network power, security, and reliability.

Our 100% US-based design, manufacture, and service (DMS) team has delivered more Ethernet Extension Kits, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Extension Kits, Smart Wall Plates, Extreme Original Equipment Manufacturer (Extreme OEM) Network Products, and Customized Network Solutions than all other competitors combined.

We are the most trusted, go-to strategic sourcing partner for today’s most discriminating network-focused executives, managers, and professionals. We’ve worked with the Military, NASA, and some of the biggest corporations on the planet. Our solutions are literally out of this world, with deployments on the International Space Station and beyond.

Our value-added resellers (VARs) and international representatives bring additional network security, network design, network implementation, network troubleshooting, and network cost management capabilities to our multinational customers.

Our US-based offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, work closely with partners in London, England; Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE); Sydney, Australia; and elsewhere—ensuring you get the information, products, and hands-on help you need for successful hardware deployments, infrastructure security, and network performance optimization.

At Enable-IT, we comply with all applicable laws, regulations, policies, orders, and cultural imperatives in designing, manufacturing, and servicing our products (including the RoHS Directive to Contribute to the Preservation of the Global Environment). We are committed to environmentally responsible manufacturing, suppliers, and buyers. And we are pioneers in next-generation Ethernet hardware for a safe, secure, and green planet—and the best networking in our solar system!

Note: Specifications are subject to improvement without notice. Enable-IT’s hardware, technical descriptions, and educational content reflect large-scale engineering investments in advanced network security, extreme Ethernet innovations, and next-generation connectivity solutions. No part of Enable-IT content may be reproduced or re-purposed in any form or by any means or used to make any competitive or derivative products, technical specifications, or marketing materials. To ensure we are able to bring increasingly helpful products of American ingenuity to the market, we actively defend against unauthorized reverse engineering of Enable-IT solutions, product descriptions, and related content (including all intellectual property in any form). (c) 1982 – 2018 Enable-IT, Inc. All Rights Reserved.