Beware of Chinese LAN Gear – Do you want “Chow Mein” with that?

Beware of Fortune Cookies! – Cheap Chinese LAN networking gear.

How sick and tired are you of hearing about these breaches?

Do you know of someone who has been a victim of private data loss, or have you personally been a victim?

In any case, you should be seriously pissed off, blood boiling and screaming for someone to do something!

2015 Data Breaches
Some of us remember the story of Troy, or at least the Brad Pitt movie TROY. The feeling of getting a good bargain is very appealing, especially when it is a tangible item. However, we most often overlook the possible hidden dangers inside the Trojan horse. This lesson, and/or deceitful trick has been rehashed repeatedly in different forms throughout history and is increasingly relevant today in regards to data breaches and the transfer of economic power.
There are literally thousands of data breaches and the loss of sensitive data, and across the USA it is occurring at an increasing pace daily. You certainly remember some of these, such as: Target, Anthem BlueCross/Blue Shield, Sony Pictures, CVS, Alcoa, U.S. Steel Corp, Ford Motor Corp, 
T-Mobile, NOAA, Westinghouse, SolarWorld AG, Sandia and Livermore national labs, The White House, US Department of Office Personnel management, Experian and the IRS to just name a few.

For most of these, we are at the mercy of the companies and are forced to put our trust in the people that store our data. The people that are directly accountable for these losses are the system and network managers and techs that are responsible for security.


Did you know the value of your company’s business secrets are far greater than hacking personal credit card or financial data?

Is your company a high value target?

China-Safe-LAN Chinese LAN
The transfer of economic power has driven foreign governments to sponsor massive politically backed commercial espionage designed to put spy firmware into low-cost Chinese LAN products. Spyware that allows traffic to be sniffed and sent for inspection and passing your strategic competitive secrets to their own economic industry interests.

This is being done on a huge industrial scale as phishing e-mail attempts are being caught and filtered out by savvy LAN managers in companies more and more. Unfortunately the same awareness and attention to Chinese LAN hardware is not being scrutinized even though almost 97% is all outsourced Made In China. Go Figure!

Do you succumb to so-called savings by buying seemingly innocuous Chinese LAN networking equipment or appliances? Are they Certified Secure?


Think we’re kidding? Ask the workers at ALCOA and U.S. STEEL Corp where they lost their global competitiveness and jobs all because their formulas for super high quality Aluminum showed up in competing Chinese firms. Or ask Ford executives that were stunned recently with the cloning of the popular F-150 truck in China at less than half the price. This crap is out of control! In May 2015 the US Government indicted 5 top Chinese military officers of of the China’s Peoples’ Liberation Army on 31 counts for these exact cyber crimes and other deliberate attempts to illegally infect networks in the US through hiding spyware in firmware chipsets in popular networking items like IP cameras, routers, Ethernet extenders and switches.

There is a growing list of banned Chinese LAN hardware in the US which includes companies such as Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, Veracity, Versatek, EtherWan, Startech, Planet, Black Box, Startech and NVT.
US Government workers are not allowed to buy and attach any of these products to Government-owned networks, period. Civilian LAN admins, network managers and LAN engineers should also be fully aware of the huge security risks they are exposing their company and their customers to by using any of this cheap insidious crap on their networks either as they can be held directly liable.

 The Chinese government is actively hacking U.S. government and government-relevant information systems regardless of deceitful claims to the contrary by Chinese officials. The United States and others in the intelligence community, in fact, know this hacking and LAN-spying through networking products to be true. Earlier this year, former Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell said “the Chinese have penetrated each major corporation of any consequence within the U.S.”

The key solution to this particular issue may not be trying to stop banned, insecure LAN equipment, but rather demand encryption be used and only buy secure certified encrypted LAN equipment.

Encryption will become a strategic cornerstone for data security and risk executives responsible for their organization’s data security and privacy efforts.

There are very few “Made in the USA” companies that are doing their best to protect LAN networks. One of the leading companies in this field happens to specialize in custom, secure, encrypted OEM and off-the-shelf solutions. Specializing in secure encrypted LAN networking they also are the inventors of Ethernet and PoE Ethernet Extension – Enable-IT, Inc.

Enable-IT has been providing peace of mind encrypted LAN solutions to the US Government and commercial enterprises since 2000.
Examples of some extreme security/encrypted uses of Enable-IT’s sought out gear and custom solution OEM expertise are:
Entire US Nuke sub fleet uses Enable-IT Ethernet extenders for secure coms ship to shore or ship to ship.
US Navy Seal UDT uses custom Enable-IT secure undersea extenders in ROV’s
US Army uses custom Enable-IT tethered unlimited endurance PoE surveillance drones in Titan carriers for convoy protection.
USAF uses Enable-IT Ethernet extenders to deploy surveillance sensors for base security.
NSA uses Enable-IT OEM extenders in HELO drop agent remote satellite com packs.
NASA uses Enable-IT PoE extenders up on the ISS since 2004.

Before buying any LAN equipment – Always ask where it’s made and by whom!
When in doubt ask if their gear is certified secure encrypted!

This is a just-in-time article as October is National Cybersecurity month and network and data administrators should be VERY AWARE and looking to remove / replace any Chinese-made LAN gear lurking in your networks.

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