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At Enable-IT, our Ethernet Extension and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Extension experts provide unsurpassed personal expedient resolutions to your needs. Listening to you and getting the exact support solution as fast as we can is what our team strives to deliver. Providing the world’s best Ethernet Extension and PoE Extension solutions is just a starting point with us. We are committed to unsurpassed customer care support: the best customer service, tech support, and network consulting services in the business!

We employ the most knowledgeable, compassionate, pleasant, helpful, and effective customer service reps, technical support engineers, and network consultants in our industry—bar none! Whether you purchase from us or not, our Customer Care Support Team is here to help you understand Ethernet Extension and PoE Extension technologies, so you get the right vendor and hardware for your situation.

Our goal is to serve you so well—the first time and every time—that you, too, view our Customer Care Support Team as the most reliable go-to resource for Ethernet hardware solutions on the planet.

Telephone Support:

Click the Call Me button shown here from anywhere on the planet or From inside the USA, you can reach our dedicated Enable-IT Customer Care Support Team toll free at 1-888-309-0910.
From outside the USA, callers like you can reach our Enable-IT Customer Care Support Team by calling +1 702-924-0402.

Live Chat Support:
Count on us to answer your research questions and purchasing questions live through our Live Chat support above. Click the Live Chat button at the top of the screen.

Online Documentation:
► Knowledge Base of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) – Manuals by Model/Version, Lists of FAQs, Datasheets, Glossary of Terms, Product Announcements, and More.
► RMA Repair & Returns – Instructions and Authorization Steps for Returns.

Check your Support Ticket status 24/7 and get the peace of mind you want and need just by logging in at Enable-IT’s easy-to-use ► Support Portal.

Once you submit your form, you’ll receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), Return Authorization (RA), or Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number to help you get your refund, replacement part, or repair services during your product’s warranty period. We’ll also provide log in information for 24/7 RMA and Case Support updates.

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Key Support Links

If you’d like to save time, please consider visiting our Self-Service Support Portal before submitting an official Support Request.

Enable-IT’s easy-to-use Support Portal offers handy Support Wiki functionality, so you can get the info you want and need quickly and easily!

► Knowledge Base of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

► Product User Manuals

► Ethernet Extension Experts Technical Glossary

► Ethernet Extension Experts Technical White Papers

How Requests Are Logged and Tracked

We are here to help, and we love providing technical support!

When you contact us with an issue or a return request, we create a Support Case ID number or Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. If you have several troubleshooting challenges or wish to return more than one item at a time, then we may issue several Case IDs and RMAs so we can help you keep track of each challenge and return.

For the fastest service available, please write down your RMA number and reference it each time you call Enable-IT about your case or return. For each technical support request or RMA, we create a support case and assign it a Case ID or RMA. If you call with several different issues, we may create different Case IDs or RMAs to ensure we’re both able to track each issue and resolve every situation to your satisfaction 100% of the time. You may want to note each Case ID and RMA and—for fastest service—provide it anytime you contact us about your situation.

In addition to our telephone-based customer service, tech support, and consulting services, our Support Website is available 24/7—and it’s accessible via your regular Internet connection. If you’re pressed for time, you’ll find this Enable-IT Support Website a handy destination for important Ethernet Extension and PoE Extension tips, articles, documentation, FAQs, and troubleshooting resources.

Count on our Support Website as the fastest self-service route to technical and troubleshooting solutions. And for a personal touch, don’t hesitate to call us!

From inside the USA, you can reach our dedicated Enable-IT Customer Care Support Team toll free at 1-888-309-0910.

From outside the USA, callers like you can reach our Enable-IT Customer Care Support Team by calling +1 702-924-0402.

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