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Deep Sea Specialty Extender

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Enable-IT Manufactures Industry-Leading Deep Sea Speciality Extender Products That Dive To The Greatest Depths Of The Ocean

Key Features
  • Extends Gigabit Ethernet data below the ocean surface to depths of 9,000 feet or 2,743 meters.
  • Pushes PoE (Power over Ethernet) to depths of 2,500 feet or 762 meters below sea level.
  • Utilizes existing 1 pair copper wiring or Category Rated cabling (CAT3 to CAT6 or better).
  • Plug and go installation, no configuration necessary.
  • Professional, deep sea speciality grade products wholly designed and manufactured in the USA.
  • Certified, secure encrypted Ethernet & PoE extension technologies.
  • Miniature form factor tailoring to the most demanding specifications.
  • Extremely cost-effective solutions in lieu of fiber products too brittle for underwater applications.
  • Same day, flat rate shipping with insurance to anywhere in the USA.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Deep Sea Exploration Challenges

Enable-IT Deep Sea Speciality Extender Technology is prevalent in assisting operations in just about every industry involved in ocean exploration and research. Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) and MiniROV Manufacturing companies from all over the world reach out to Enable-IT to provide cost-effective solutions to their issues in extending Ethernet data and / or Power over Ethernet (PoE) to operate and control underwater submersibles.

Oftentimes, these manufacturers are faced with challenges that need to be resolved before they can operate at ocean depths greater than 1,000 meters. Some of these problems include: dealing with the high-amount of drag on their ROVs as they descend deeper into ocean, miniaturization of control electronics, the design of lighter weight pressure housings, and power and data transmission over very long cable/tether/umbilical lengths. These tethers which house the electrical and communications wiring add a significant amount of drag from the weight and gauge of the tethers.

The issue of the drag, weight, and gauge of the tether and distances at which communications and power could be transmitted was put to the task by Enable-IT and their Deep Sea Speciality Extender Technology.

Enable-IT Deep Sea Speciality Extender Technology

Thanks to Enable-IT, customer’s specific needs are met and exceeded because of the innovative engineering and manufacturing expertise available. Our hands-on engineering staff and sales team are able to work with one another closely and precisely to determine what the best possible solution will be and how to overcome any obstacles presented by our customers.

No where else in the industry will you come across a company who offers a minimum custom order quantity of just 5 units and will research, develop, and manufacture professional, deep sea speciality products tailored to your needs.

Thus, Enable-IT Deep Sea Speciality Extender products were born. Thanks to Ethernet extension technology, Enable-IT was able to miniaturize deep sea-worthy extenders, ROV manufacturers have been able to multiplex their transmissions, and send PoE to ROVs using just 1-2 pairs of copper wiring. Furthermore, these Deep Sea Speciality Extender products were able to drive data and power several thousands of feet, well beyond the IEEE 802.3 distance limit of just 328 feet or 100 meters. With no bridging in between!

This meant significantly fewer wires and resulted in a very thin, all copper cross-section tether to be thinned down to just 8.99mm. Whereas, at least 20mm tethers were the norm for traditional ROVs. This tremendously reduced the amount of drag upon ROVs and also meant that MiniROVs could often be lowered into the water by hand, without the need for expensive launching systems.

Not only did Enable-IT solve the issue of drag, weight, and gauge of the tether, but they also greatly increased the depth at which ocean exploration could be reached, provided extensive cost-savings to manufacturers of ROVs, and increased the efficiency of all deep sea navigation, discovery, and ocean cleanup.

Deep Sea Industries That Have Benefited
  • Ocean Surveillance
  • Oil Rig Maintenance & Up-Keep Operations
  • Oil Spill Disaster Clean Up Endeavors
  • Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Operation
  • Underwater MiniROV Operation
  • Deep Sea Mining
  • Deep Sea Exploration
  • NAVAL Operations
  • Ocean, Lake, River, & Harbor Dredging Machinery
  • Archeological Research & Discovery