What is an Ethernet Booster

Gigabit Ethernet Booster – Ethernet Extender Put IT Where You Need IT – Beyond 100m

An Ethernet Booster can Boost Ethernet beyond 100m and can also be known as:
(Ethernet Extender, Ethernet Bridge, LAN Extender, Network Extender, LAN Repeater, Industrial Ethernet Booster Extender)

An Ethernet Booster (also network extender or Ethernet Repeater) is any device used to boost an Ethernet or network segment beyond its inherent distance limitation which is only 100 meters (330 ft) for most common forms of twisted pair Ethernet.These devices employ a variety of transmission technologies and physical media (wireless, copper wire, fiber-optic cable, coaxial cable). The Ethernet Extender forwards traffic between LANs transparent to higher network-layer protocols over distances that far exceed the limitations of standard Ethernet and Boosts Ethernet beyond 100m. Ethernet Extender Booster is a device that receives the electrical signals and re-energizes the signal back to original strength and outputs the signal further down the wiring.

Ethernet concept and creation came into being in the early 1970’s as a means to commonly communicate between computing systems. Since that time it has become an institutional global standard (IEEE 802.3) for data-transmissions.

Devices that communicate outside their physical structure do so on a variety of Network interfaces using core Ethernet data-transmission protocols.

These Ethernet protocols traverse connected devices over networks (wired and wireless), of which there are many recognized standards (LAN, Hub, Switch, 3g/4g/5g, LTE, GPRS, WiFi, Telecom WAN, Satellite, etc.).

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We are able to design and manufacture any shape, any size, any power source Ethernet extension connector or PoE Extension connector you can dream up.
In the late 1990’s, Enable-IT broke through these restrictive distance limits by leveraging proven telecommunications technologies to convert Ethernet LAN communication packets and transport them much further before converting the packets back to Ethernet LAN communications – all transparently and initially without any electrical power. – An Industrial Ethernet Booster Extender was born to Boost Ethernet beyond 100m.

An Industrial Ethernet Booster Extender – or sometimes called (Ethernet Extender / CAT5 Extender / Ethernet Bridge / Network Bridge / LAN Repeater / LAN Extender) are computer communication modules that can be used on almost any wiring to transparently Boost Ethernet beyond 100m – the IEEE 802.3 specifications for today’s twisted pair wiring distance limitation of 328 feet or 100 meters.

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