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What is Ethernet? or LAN Networking?
Ethernet concept and creation came into being in the early 1970’s as a means to commonly communicate between computing systems.
Since that time it has become an institutional global standard (IEEE 802.3) for data-transmissions.

Devices that communicate outside their physical structure do so on a variety of Network interfaces using core Ethernet data-transmission protocols. These Ethernet protocols traverse connected devices over networks (wired and wireless), of which there are many recognized standards (LAN, Hub, Switch, 3g/4g/5g, LTE, GPRS, WiFi, Telecom WAN, Satellite, etc.).

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LAN Networking is commonly referred to as a physical wired local area network and is a either a buss or star topology configured Ethernet Network for data-transmissions between devices.

Currently most every single computing platform uses Ethernet to communicate between the physical CPU with it’s OS to it’s Network interface regardless if it is your cellphone, WiFi Access point, fiber transceiver, etc. – They all go back to a basic copper Ethernet Interface for data-transmissions.

What is Ethernet extension? or What is an Ethernet Extender?
Original Ethernet deployment was on a buss topology that can travel up to 900ft or 275m all by itself. This is true for 10MB Ethernet hub and switches.
So if you need low bandwidth only up to 900 feet – you can find older 10MB device that will work just fine.

In the late 1980’s Twisted pair wiring for Ethernet became the preferred cable standard, however Ethernet over Twisted pair has a unfortunate distance limit of only 328 feet or 100 meters. All Ethernet device manufactures since then have limited your installable distance limit to 100m unless you add another powered Ethernet device to bridge and boost the Ethernet signal to another 100m. This requires electrical power every 100m as well for installers.

True Ethernet Extension was invented by Enable-IT
In the late 1990’s by breaking this false distance limit and leveraging other telecommunications technologies to convert Ethernet packets and transport them much further before converting back to Ethernet.

Industrial Ethernet Extender Gigabit Ethernet Extender

World’s Fastest Ethernet Extender

In January 2000, Enable-IT created the worlds’s 1st standalone twisted pair Black Box Ethernet Extender product coined as Ethernet Extender.

From then on, Enable-IT has created and dominated the Planet’s Ethernet Extender and Industrial Ethernet Extender industry from scratch as the original source.

Today the Ethernet Extender and PoE Extender Experts of Enable-IT Designs & Manufacturers
In Our USA AS9100D Aerospace Quality Production Facilities.



Extender Extender Solutions – Real World Wiring Applications

Ethernet Extender Applications
Enable-IT branded Gigabit Ethernet Extender Solutions do a lot more than extend Ethernet signals beyond the IEEE 802.3 distance limits; they allow you to install your critical LAN Ethernet Network infrastructure more securely at extreme distances to where you need it most. Enable-IT Gigabit Ethernet Extender kits have been the seminal innovators in this concept, technology, encrypted security and gigabit performance long before inferior knock-off copycat Chinese spyware made crap.

Industrial Ethernet ExtenderIndustrial Ethernet Extender or Outdoor Ethernet Extender Solutions are our speciality as the majority of installs do occur with a decent part of the install in exposed environments or in harsh conditional when an industrial Ethernet Extender is required.
Industrial Ethernet Extender

Extender Extender Solutions – Real World Benefits
As you can see there are many benefits to be able to leverage existing copper wiring, especially the abundance of common coax and telephone wiring. You don’t always need to waste your money on installing Category rated wiring if you do not need to. Keep in mind you only need 1-pair of wire and coax or telephone wire works just as well if not better. In twisted pair CAT rated wiring, you wind up not using three quarters of the copper wiring (3-pairs). Believe it of not – Enable-IT Supreme Engineering has built custom Long Distance Ethernet Extender solutions that use only 1 physical wire. No One on the Planet has figured out how to do that!

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Another set of key benefits in the use of Industrial Ethernet Extender Solutions are centered around the significant cost savings over traditional methods such as the use of multiple AC powered Ethernet switches and expensive fiber solutions. Using multiple daisy-chained Ethernet Switches adds performance delays, more points of failure, and the cost of installing AC outlet and supporting infrastructure every 328 feet. Enable-IT branded Ethernet Extender solution drastically reduce those costs, points of failure and installation/support costs.
Fiber has been a traditional go to solution for long distances, however fiber, especially glass fiber is highly susceptible to breakage, crack and damage in extreme cold or movements. What they never tell you is for troubleshooting fiber for these performance destroying situations is the tens of thousands of dollars fiber troubleshooting equipment costs.

The Ethernet Extender and PoE Extender Experts at Enable-IT use pure American engineering and craftsmanship, unlike all the copycat competitors. We pride ourselves in the ability to create and customize any Ethernet Extender product or design at the actual time of ordering because we are the factory and expert design engineers – No other supplier can match this Long Distance Ethernet Extender width=ability – PERIOD. With over 3 decades of experience, highly flexible capacity, and U.S. based process control, makes us the best value in the business and the only OEM Ethernet Extension solution provider you’ll ever need.

Our tailored designs and ISO certified manufacturing is all Made in the USA, period. We strive to source all components that we don’t make ourselves from environmentally responsible US suppliers. We guarantee no Chinese spyware is lurking in our products. Our products are certified encrypted, secure and installed in sensitive US Government networks – where most all others are banned.

We also strive to listen intently to our customers needs and to fully understand how they wish to leverage our OEM abilities to create strategic advantages.
Many outstanding and common use features recommended to us from customers have been adopted and designed into each new product revision. Some of these features included VLAN Support, Extreme Temperature components, long distance PoE support, PoE output controls, and secure encryption. Tailoring solutions with off the shelf products or engineering what you need to accomplish your goals is our privilege to serve you.

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Highest throughput Ethernet Extender and PoE Extender Solutions in the industry – Enable-IT delivers your Ethernet to places it can’t reach!

Ethernet Extension Experts (Enable-IT) has pioneered and dominated the Ethernet Extender and PoE Extender industry since 1997 and has built a worldwide brand recognition for it’s innovative solutions in commercial, residential, and hospitality HSIA solutions. Enable-IT is pleased to provide the simplest to use and most cost effective Ethernet Extension technology to exceed your expectations and deliver significant value.

Our customers include the Military; NASA; aerospace manufacturers; nautical infrastructure builders; video surveillance and security specialists; advanced telecommunications companies; extreme mining operators; global construction enterprises; commercial agriculture companies; major healthcare providers; live entertainment, broadcasting, and news agencies; extreme retail/POS organizations; long-distance education companies; international hospitality companies; and more.

Enable-IT Ethernet Extension Experts – World’s Most Popular Ethernet Extender, PoE Extender and Ethernet DSLAM are the only manufacturers in this industry that wholly design and make their products in the USA. All other competitors are more focused on their profits and not delivering high quality products regardless of cost as the Ethernet Extension Experts are. Some of core principals are our commitment to high quality products, US based expert technical support and providing custom OEM solutions. Our Ethernet Extenders and PoE Extenders deliver unsurpassed Ethernet performance, power, and reach! And we offer the most knowledgeable English-speaking customer service and technical support in the industry.

Ever try to get RMA support document or an English speaking tech on the phone from one of our competitors? Enable-IT Ethernet Extension Experts is a Premier OEM Manufacturer of Broadband Ethernet communication technologies and solutions for the hospitality, commercial office, and MxU (multiple-dwelling, multiple-tenant, multiple-commercial, multiple-hospitality) unit marketplace.

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