Ethernet Extender Invented By Enable-IT

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ENABLE-IT, INC. returned to the USA after selling its Joint Venture WiFi/In building DSLAM with Taiwan Telecom Network Services to begin manufacturing and deployment of Hospitality Internet products. Enable-IT invented and created a standalone concept and product it coined as Ethernet Extender. From then on, Enable-IT has created and dominated the Planet’s Ethernet Extender industry from scratch as the original source.

ENABLE-IT, INC. uses pure American engineering and craftsmanship, unlike all the copycat competitors. We pride ourselves in the ability to create and customize any Ethernet Extender product or design at the actual time of ordering because we are the factory and expert design engineers – No other supplier can match this China-Safe Ethernet Extender width=ability – PERIOD. With over 3 decades of experience, highly flexible capacity, and U.S. based process control, makes us the best value in the business and the only OEM Ethernet Extension solution provider you’ll ever need.

Our tailored designs and ISO certified manufacturing is all Made in the USA, period. We strive to source all components that we don’t make ourselves from environmentally responsible US suppliers. We guarantee no Chinese spyware is lurking in our products. Our products are certified encrypted, secure and installed in sensitive US Government networks – where most all others are banned.

We also strive to listen intently to our customers needs and to fully understand how they wish to leverage our OEM abilities to create strategic advantages.
Many outstanding and common use features recommended to us from customers have been adopted and designed into each new product revision. Some of these features included VLAN Support, Extreme Temperature components, long distance PoE support, PoE output controls, and secure encryption. Tailoring solutions with off the shelf products or engineering what you need to accomplish your goals is our privilege to serve you.

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