What is an Ethernet Extender

Ethernet as a concept and creation came into being in the early 1970’s as a means to commonly communicate between computing systems. Since that time it has become an institutional global standard (IEEE 802.3) for data-transmissions.

Devices that communicate outside their physical structure do so on a variety of Network interfaces using core Ethernet data-transmission protocols.

These Ethernet protocols traverse connected devices over networks (wired and wireless), of which there are many recognized standards (LAN, Hub, Switch, 3g/4g/5g, LTE, GPRS, WiFi, Telecom WAN, Satellite, LTE-LAA etc.).

LAN Networking is commonly referred to as a physical wired local area network and is a either a buss or star topology
configured Ethernet Network for data-transmissions between devices.

Every single computing platform regardless of OS, uses Ethernet protocols to communicate between the physical CPU to it’s own
Network interface regardless if it is your laptop, desktop, tablet, cellphone, WiFi Access point, fiber transceiver, etc.

► All Network Devices go back to a basic copper Ethernet Interface for data-transmissions. ◄

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What is a Ethernet Extender? or What is an Ethernet Extender Solution?
Original Ethernet deployment was on a buss topology that can travel up to 900ft or 275m all by itself. This is true for 10MB Ethernet hub and switches.
So if you need low bandwidth only up to 900 feet – you can find older 10MB device that will work just fine.

In the late 1980’s Twisted pair wiring for Ethernet became the preferred cable standard, however Ethernet over Twisted pair has a unfortunate distance limit of only 328 feet or 100 meters. All Ethernet device manufactures since then have limited your installable distance limit to 100m unless you add another powered Ethernet device to bridge and boost the Ethernet signal to another 100m. This requires electrical power every 100m as well for installers.

In the late 1990’s, Enable-IT Invented the World’s 1st Ethernet Extender Solution. Thus breaking the false IEEE 802.3 wiring distance limit by leveraging other telecommunications technologies to convert Ethernet packets and transport them much further before converting back to Ethernet.

In January 2000, Enable-IT announced that it had created the worlds’s 1st standalone twisted pair Black Box Ethernet Extender product and coined the term Ethernet Extender.

From then on, Enable-IT has created and dominated the Planet’s Ethernet Extender and Industrial Ethernet Extender industry from scratch as the original source.

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In Our USA AS9100D Aerospace Quality Certified Production Facilities.

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