NYSE Euronext Gets Supercharged with Ethernet Extenders

Datacenters needed Serious Rethinking


NYSE Euronext Stock Exchange gets Supercharged with Ethernet Extenders

NYSE Stock Exchange gets Supercharged with Ethernet Extenders

At the world’s busiest stock exchange, the NYSE Euronext, distributed datacenter network latency measured in nanoseconds matter greatly not only for the local exchange needs, but globally.

The amount of critical data and network traffic between data centers was exploding. These network transactions handle way over 30% of the world’s cash equities in trading traffic from the stock floor to the rest of the world.
Getting fast data and access to traders on the floor and out to the millions of electronic trading services was going to take some serious rethinking.

The NYSE Euronext needed to get a real speed advantage over world-class competition so their data centers needed serious rethinking. The legacy data center architecture was too complex to scale effectively, and it lacked the openness needed to adapt quickly to changes. Over eight years ago, the NYSE Euronext had re-built the core architecture with Juniper Networks switching in North America. That was so successful, it was later duplicated in Europe, and that led to a realization—Juniper could deliver the speed and reliability they wanted in their data center.

Ethernet Extenders to the Rescue


860 PRO Ethernet Extender

860 PRO Ethernet Extender

A key to cost effectively distributing the benefits of this new architecture came from leveraging existing old, unused coax that was still connected to the trading floor to the data centers. The NYSE trading floor and building are not quite a museum but it is essential to preserve the integrity of the structure while balancing this need for higher speed and more pervasive access to it.

Using Enable-IT Ethernet Extenders saves the NYSE Euronext tens of thousands of capital by not having to core the historic building and install fiber. Not to mention the hidden real costs of troubleshooting fiber that can destroy IT budgets overnight.

By using existing copper and older coax, a smart choice was made as older wiring contains far more copper content and performs superior compared to newer CAT rated wiring.

Furthermore, the fact that PoE power can be delivered using this coax or telephone wiring up to 3,500ft away – something even fiber can’t do at all.

PoE Extenders Modernizing Trading Floor Booths

Now the NYSE Euronext is looking at PoE extenders for being able to put PoE IP VoIP telephones in areas and trading booths that were previously beyond Ethernet distance limits. Thus, saving more capital from being spent on traditional LAN network PoE switches that need local power and more management traffic for security. PoE Extenders will deliver the power and throughput they need and be able to stay on their own LAN network away from the critical trading infrastructure.