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Standards in EV charging infrastructure has been emerging for a few years now. The rapid adoption pace of Electric Vehicles has forced the installation of charging stations in locations more convenient to these drivers, however more often at distances requiring Power Over Ethernet (PoE) and PoE Extenders to support the remote operations of the charging stations themselves to the LAN infrastructure required. Enable-IT custom PoE Extender solution to the rescue once again.

One of the downsides to EV charging infrastructure is the time it takes to recharge an electric vehicle. Compared to filling up a petroleum fuel vehicle, EV charges significantly longer. This delay in charging a vehicle will require larger and more amenity filled facilities for the numerous parked vehicles waiting for a charge.

Enable-IT Power Over Ethernet ABB PoE Extender EV Charging

Enable-IT ABB Power Over Ethernet PoE Extender EV Charging

To accommodate the numerous charging stations, facilities will easily exceed any of the secure hard-line Ethernet data distance limits quickly.

Wireless (WiFi) solutions are not used for these kinds of EV Charging installations as they are very unsecured and susceptible to easy hacking of credit card transactions and even EV vehicle components.

All the Tesla branded EV Charging infrastructure typically requires PoE Extender communications to support all the heavy traffic interactions for the numerous Tesla vehicles requiring rapid charging stops that are spread out over areas beyond standard Ethernet LAN distance limits.

Enable-IT 824WP Power Over Ethernet PoE Extender

Enable-IT 824WP Waterproof PoE Extender

Wireless is not an option for installing EV charging stations in above ground or underground parking structures. Due to the fact that the signals would not propagate well and the cost of deploying a reliable infrastructure would be far too expensive, not to mention physical security for the WiFi equipment.

Enable-IT, Inc. has a built-in PoE Extender based EV Charging infrastructure solutions that tremendously increase the deploy-able distance of these charging station pumps. Tesla owners Rejoice!

Charging pumps, once established, were restricted to within 328ft or 100m of the Ethernet infrastructure for communications with other charging pumps. Now, with the revolutionary technology that PoE Extender solutions provide, communications between pumps extend up to 3,500ft / 1.06km (1,006m) away. Furthermore, other PoE Extender products offered from Enable-IT, Inc. will allow for deployment up to 6,000ft / 1.28km away.

Several EV Charging station manufacturers are now partnering with Enable-IT, Inc. to develop integrated OEM PoE and Power Over Ethernet PoE Extender hard-line solutions into their offerings to have a strategic advantage over competitors.

The pace of EV charging infrastructure deployment is growing rapidly, even in more places than the old petroleum station locations.

Power Over Ethernet PoE Extender solutions from Enable-IT is leading the way in enabling this growth worldwide, especially for companies like Tesla.

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