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Extend LED Lighting – Enable-IT PoE Extenders will help keep the LED Industry vibrant and running strong for decades to come.

Demand for LED PoE powered Lighting is expected to drop sharply in the future. Because LED PoE powered bulbs last on average for 20 years, lighting manufacturers have “backed themselves into a corner,” according to IHS Research. To increase demand, the industry needs to innovate on lighting controls and functionality, drop prices, and decrease the life cycle of bulbs. This is being driven from offshore manufactures now and as incandescent lighting is phased out, the need to extend LED lighting will become more adopted.

PoE EXTENDERS for LED Lighting
Enable-IT to the rescue. Our PoE Extenders and PoE technology will allow for more intelligent LED lighting control devices to be deployed in industries where the traditional PoE distance barrier is too costly to overcome. PoE Extenders will drive Ethernet data and PoE Power up to 6,000ft away from the LAN and power sources. Thus, increasing LED lighting distances and more efficient deployment of PoE powered LED lighting solutions.

Enable-IT has several PoE Extenders to choose from depending on your distance and throughput requirements.

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