Lightning Protection Datasheets

Ethernet Extension Experts Lightning Protection

Due to the nature of outdoor and often exposed hardwired Ethernet Extension or PoE Extension Solutions, We offer Lightning Protection products that allow for protection from common electrical issues caused by nearby lightning strikes.
Lightning damage is sometimes impossible to completely protect against or too costly to deploy effective measures against it. You could build a few tall boresight towers with directional lighting arrestors around your property, put lightning surge protectors on every single outdoor line that is tapped into earth grounds, wrap coiled copper wiring around every single buried wire run and tie that into an earth ground on each end, use electrical surge protection strips on every indoor electrical outlet that are also grounded to earth grounds, put in multiple earth ground stakes on your property and tie all plumbing and other equipment to them just for a start and you still would not be completely protected. Lightning strikes that are close have the tenancy to jump over and around all protection. Your best option in lightning prone areas is Insurance and spare equipment.