General Motors Proving Grounds

General Motors Proving Grounds Breeds Smart Crash Test Dummies

Meeting Evolving Industry Safety Needs

In today’s science-assisted world, we underestimate a lot of things. Our food is instant, our music is digital, our mail is electronic and our phones are wireless. A great part of the innovation we have become accustomed to was little more than science fiction only a few decades ago. What’s more, in the midst of all the propelled gadgetry we utilize without stopping for even a minute is another sort of innovation a large portion of us never see or touch or are involved in any substantial way. Innovation that is so best-in-class it’s practically straightforward. I’m talking about the devices that guarantee the majority of the items we do collaborate with are sheltered. General Motors has utilized the innovation of Enable-IT Ethernet Extenders to surpass the difficulties of outfitting crucial information provided in the live sensors to design superior products to protect us; Products that we underestimate and relay on to keep us as safe as possible. The Motor Vehicle casualty rate has dropped around 90 percent since 1922, even with millions more vehicles out and about today. That is to a great extent because of the continuous quest for larger amounts of wellbeing through engineering. Any of us who have ever had the frightening knowledge of leaving a car crash likely have a GM designed sham and the Enable-IT Ethernet Extenders to thank.

Enable-IT General Motors Proving Grounds leveraging Ethernet Extenders

Improving Performance and Quality of Data

Before utilizing the Enable-IT Ethernet Extension solutions, General Motors Proving Grounds design and safety engineers needs to depend on more mechanical sensors for capturing crash test results, and these results were static and not as the crashes occurred. The Enable-IT Ethernet Extension kits revolutionized the dynamic crash results to record them continuously as they happen. By including a large number of feet of standard CAT5e cabling to the current auto tethers and installing an Enable-IT 895 LRE kit on each end, the engineers were able to use network smart sensors and more sophisticated equipment inside the test crash cars to capture vastly more data and place smaller sensors in locations previously not able with older mechanical sensors. The type and amount of information has significantly helped planners and engineers to make critical adjustments to car designs for better crash performance and our safety.

Key Benefits
  • Enables new data sensors to send real time down a flexible tether line.
  • Solid state, low power to meet repeated extreme crash shock challenges.
  • Solves issues for researches requiring more precise data results.

Reducing costs for expendable equipment

A key advantage of utilizing the Enable-IT Ethernet Extension innovation for rapid, constant information capture is the substitution of bulky expendable mechanical sensors that are expensive to replace with that of miniature network smart micro digital sensors that are far superior to crash survivability, cheaper to replace and more numerous for data capture. The weight savings of having the capacity to expel the old gear and all the more precisely placing real-world loads into crash test vehicles has expanded the quality of information caught and lowered the green footprint of the recyclable waste – post crash test.

Creating New Value with a High-Performance Extended LAN Solution

Sometime in the near future, on-screen computer “dummies” may be replaced by virtual humans, with hearts, lungs and all the other vital organs. In any case, it’s not likely that those electronic situations will supplant the genuine article sooner rather than later. Crash dummies will keep on providing General Motors specialists and others with surprising knowledge and insight about inhabitant crash protection for many years to come and Enable-IT Ethernet Extenders will be there to give the constant information to the designers and engineers have come to depend on to at last keep us safe.

Product Used

100 Mbps Full Duplex Ethernet Extender
Extended reach Ethernet up to 6,000 feet away for source
Professional Business Grade, Ruggedized
Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty
Optional 4 Year Next Business Day Advanced Replacement
Free Ground Shipping, Fixed rate shipping for other
45-­day Money Back Guarantee