how-to-run-another-ethernet-extension-from-the-same-origin?(2 POSTS)

  1. julieandken
    Posted 9 months ago – Post-10


    I already have an Enable-IT 860 Ethernet extender kit and would like to run another extension from the same origin to a new remote location. Can I use the line port in the main unit and just buy another CPE unit?

  1. Admin
    The Ethernet King
    Posted 9 months ago – Post-11


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    Hi Julie

    Ethernet Extender kits operate as a end to end pair as a point to point solution. There are Ethernet DSLAM solutions that do offer point to multipoint – which is what it sounds you are trying to accomplish. From a cost effective position the number of remote locations that need to be supported will determine if you should look at a Ethernet DSLAM vs a Ethernet Extender kit. As a rule of thumb the number would be 5 or more remote locations before you look at the DSLAM solution.

    For your 2 location need we would recommend a 2nd separate Enable-IT 860 Kit.

    OK understood. We’ll purchase the kit online and implement right away.

    Thank you for the detailed information.