Taking Research and Education opportunities farther than dreamed of before!

We have over 250 Universities, colleges, research institutes and other education facilities worldwide taking advantage of the benefits of Enable-IT Technology.
Enable-IT Ethernet and PoE Extension solutions offer solid fundamental infrastructure on which to build and expand knowledge and learning capabilities.

Enable-IT Industry Solutions - EDUCATION

Stretching financial resources to benefit educational goals

Enable-IT PoE and Ethernet Extension technology used in Education Solutions can deliver the following benefits:
►   Lower cost of deployment leveraging existing wiring.
►   Extreme reach for high speed learning infrastructure.
►   Huge Cost saving over traditional copper and Fiber solutions.
►   Installs in minutes – have your remote LAN up in minutes.

Enable-IT integrated solutions meet Nautical Infrastructure workflow challenges by extending your existing end-to-end, connected, and secure network infrastructure.

Education Customer Success Stories
Research Facilities
U.S. Antarctic Research Center McMurdo Station
Univ of Hawaii – Mauna Kea Observatories
California Institute of Technology
University of Tennessee Health Science Center
JPL Design Solutions
Stanford University – Dept of Artificial Intelligence

Outdoor Camp
Tumbleweed Day Camp
International Center for Birds of Prey
Timber Lee Christian Center
Palm Meadows Thoroughbred Training

Universities and College Campuses
Lake Erie College
UAE University -Dubai
Midwestern State University
Eastern New Mexico University
Emporia State University
Purdue University
Syracuse University