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Call our sales team in your appropriate country and we can share success stories and how Navy ships, FEMA, Department of Housing, USGS, National park service, NASA, Department of Forestry, Military, utilities, other government sectors, and research stations have overcome challenges with our solutions. Enable-IT also offers consultation so we can build custom tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Enable-IT Industry Solutions - GOVERNMENT

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Enable-IT Ethernet Extension technology used in Government Solutions can deliver the following benefits:
►   Better operational visibility of your infrastructure.
►   Creative custom solutions to meet extreme challenges.
►   Huge Cost saving over traditional copper and Fiber solutions.
►   Installs in minutes – have your remote LAN up in minutes.

Government Customer Success Stories
Alameda County Water District
Bowling Green Municipal Utilities
Camden County Municipal Utilities
City of Los Angeles
City of Mission Viejo
City of San Jose
Alcoa Yadkin Hydroelectric power station
Ameren IL power utility Co
Detroit Edison Company
US Navy
Entire US Submarine Fleet
NAVFAC Kings Bay
NWTC San Diego
USS Antietam CG54
NSWC Crane
US Navy SPAWAR – Hawaii
USAF Cape Canaveral facilities
Kennedy Space Center
ISS (International Space Station)

US Postal Service
Majority of all US Postal office video surveillance security systems 
Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
US Department of Commerce
Louisiana State Penitentiary
London Correctional Facility
Traffic Control
City of Washington D.C.
City of Mission Viejo
City of Pasadena
City of Fort Collins
City of Encinitas
City of Norfolk
Minnesota Department of Transportation
Utah Transit Authority
US Air Force
USAF Cape Canaveral facilities
Hill AFB Utah
374th Force Support Squadron
119th Air Control Squadron
MacDill Air Force Base
US Army
U.S. Special Operations Command
US Army 3 HBCT (Combat zone in Iraq)
67th Ordinance Company
US Army AVIA Missile Cmd
Research Stations
APS Solar Test and Research Center- AZ
Applied Physical Sciences – CT
Environmental Testing Center – AB Canada
Michigan Molecular Institute
US Army Eng Research and Dev Center
US Antarctic McMurdo Station research center
Alcoa Yadkin Hydroelectric power station
Ameren IL power utility Co
Department of Energy
Spectra Energy
NV Energy
Detroit Edison Company
National Park Service
Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
Texas Parks and Wildlife
Biscayne National Park Service
Angeles National Forest
Washington D.C.