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The Challenge

Brian Jones wants loved ones to enjoy each accommodation when they stay at the Airbnb visitor lodge on his sprawling 53-acre property in North Carolina. This incorporates access to fast Internet service. Yet, when he chose to associate the cabin, he understood the job wouldn’t be as straightforward as running a cable from the existing service in the main house to the guest residence. The cabin is 850 feet away up the side of a mountain, a distance that undoubtedly would cause significant data degradation. Getting separate DSL service for the cabin would produce an extra month to month cost that he absolutely needed to keep away from. Brian chose that an Ethernet extender would be his best alternative.

Enable-IT Hospitality Property Solutions

Key Benefits
  • Cost-Efficiency – Affordably-priced unit allows usage of existing DSL service for guest cabin and eliminates need to purchase additional service.
  • Time Savings – Gives cabin guests immediate access to Internet and eliminates lengthy walks to main house for email and other online information.
  • Enhanced Security – Enhances efficient operation of security camera on cabin property through rapid delivery of streaming data.

Discovering the Solution

Utilizing Google, Brian directed an online quest for appropriate extenders. He finally selected the Enable-IT 860, encouraged by the company’s solid warranty, customer testimonials, and extensive product line. “Enable-IT appeared to be a better put-together company,” commented Brian. The fact that Enable-IT manufactures its products in the USA and offers solid customer support also tipped the scales in the company’s favor.

The Enable-IT 860 Proves the Ideal Choice

Installing the 860 was a moderately basic undertaking. To connect the device, Brian used standard telephone company cable. He simply took two unused wires within the cable and connected these to the demarcation (DMARC) wiring in his home. He then plugged this wiring into a special RJ-45 jack, which in turn established a connection with the telephone company cable running to the cabin. He created a similar connection with an 860 unit in the cabin itself. A router was set up in each location. The system was up and running in about two hours.

The framework has been flawlessly ever since. Since lodge visitors now have full access DSL services, they totally keep away from tedious and awkward excursions down the mountainside to the main house. Trudging 850 ft. to access email is hardly anyone’s idea of a good time, especially if the weather is less than friendly.

Thanks to the 860’s high speed accuracy, Brian also can monitor the Airbnb hospitality cabin security remotely from his primary residence in Florida. Since the 860 transmits up to 100Mbps full duplex, the unit provides the live streaming data required by the wireless security camera set up on the property. This camera is connected to a router, which is plugged into the nearby 860 unit. Should the system detect motion outside the cabin, it sends Brian an email alert. The 860 has provided a comfort level that wasn’t possible before.

According to Brian, the 860 system has met his every expectation since its July, 2010 installation. “I’m very satisfied,” he enthused, citing both the product performance and its affordable pricing. When the elimination of additional DSL service is factored in, the cost savings are enormous. “It will pay for itself in ten months,” assured Brian.

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