Halyps Cement (Greece) Production Control Visibility

Halyps Cement Processing facility automates ancient rock quarry production
Giving Sight to Production Control Visibility

Enable-IT automates Cement Factory in Greece with it's Ethernet Extender technology
Rock quarries are inherently an age old business that only automates as business demands drag it along. The age of modern quarry equipment and automation of quarry operations to move more material out progress at a slow pace and the live visibility of these tools is most often very limited or non-existent. The time tested method of a manual inspection or intervention is slowly giving way to more automated production controls enabled by the use of Ethernet Extension equipment. Operators now have the luxury of placing remote sensing and conveyor system control gear on a smart LAN driven over extreme and harsh environmental conditions, all thanks to Enable-IT Ethernet Extenders.

Halyps Cement Co, one of the biggest organizations in all of Greece, has utilized the innovation of Enable-IT Ethernet Extenders to give new visibility and control over production operations. Extender kits were ruggedized and encased in NEMA/IP rated enclosures in the key production control areas and category rated cabling was able reach the necessary LAN based monitoring and control interfaces. Prior to using the Enable-IT Ethernet Extension equipment, this was not possible and required individuals to regularly venture out to each location to manually operate conveyor systems. Now it is enabled and automated to keep workers safe, better monitor the live production line and grow the operations to meet business demand without a major increase in labor costs.

Reducing Manual Labor and Equipment Costs

With the utilization of LAN based advanced control equipment, more exact handling of live production operations can be monitored, controlled and augmented more quickly. Previously, this level of production control was not accessible without manual operators at each of the controls which require longer time to make changes. The dangerous environment of a foundry floor was also a cause of concern. The Enable-IT Ethernet Extension equipment allows this to be automated in such a fashion so that workers safety is not compromised and the LAN equipment making the adjustments never grows tired of the repetition or makes mistakes. Overall production has been able to triple and plant growth is more easily flexed to meet changing output demands.

Key Benefits
  • Cost-Efficiency – Affordably-priced unit allows usage of existing DSL service for guest cabin and eliminates need to purchase additional service.
  • Time Savings – Gives cabin guests immediate access to Internet and eliminates lengthy walks to main house for email and other online information.
  • Enhanced Security – Enhances efficient operation of security camera on cabin property through rapid delivery of streaming data.

Increasing Production Output and Philanthropy

Halyps Cement and Italcementi Group have funded many artistic performances to give back to its community and worldwide Greek art-loving patrons. As recent as 2008, Halyps actively participated in the effort which began throughout Greece, to reconstruct the fire hit areas. Halyps Cement contributed to this effort by offering 3,500 tons of cement for infrastructure projects or/and residences in the afflicted areas, joining in along with the country’s business community via the information and coordination office set up by SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises) in cooperation with the Emergency Aid Fund established for this purpose.

Ancient Site propelled into new century on the back of the Ethernet Extension Kits

Holy Mount Olympus! The Ethernet Extension equipment has provided the company with a new prospective on how to leverage digital technology to control, manage and profit from this age old quarry business.

Solutions Used
  • 860 LRE Kit – 100Mbps FD Throughput – worlds fastest Ethernet Extender

Extended reach Ethernet up to 6,000 feet away for source
Professional Business Grade, Ruggedized
Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty
Optional 4 Year Next Business Day Advanced Replacement
Free Ground Shipping, Fixed rate shipping for other
45-­day Money Back Guarantee