Steel Foundry – Solving Extreme Challenges w/ruggedized Solutions
Meeting Evolving Production Demand and Growing Business Needs

Enable-IT solves extreme environment challenges in Manufacturing, especially foundry operations

Steel foundry operations are a standout amongst the most difficult situations for any bit of hardware. Difficulties, for example, great warmth, small scale toxins and separations to achieve checking and control gear are spread out over a colossal generation line with heaps of exceptionally unsafe toxins all around.

Strong Structural Steel Ltd tested and then utilized the innovation of Enable-IT Ethernet Extenders to meet and beat these difficulties head-on. Extender kits were ruggedized and encased in NEMA/IP rated enclosures in the key production control areas and on the production floor where flexible category rated cabling was able reach the necessary LAN based monitoring and control interfaces. Before utilizing the Enable-IT Ethernet Extension hardware, this was impractical and required fearless people to routinely wander out to every area to physically work and gather data. Presently it is empowered and automated to specialists protected, better screen the live production line and develop the operations to take care of business demand without a noteworthy increment in labor costs.

Improving Performance on the Factory Floor

With the utilization of LAN based advanced control gear, more exact treatment of live production operations can be checked, controlled and enlarged all the more rapidly. Previously this level of production control was not accessible without manual administrators at each of the controls requiring longer time to make changes not to mention the hazardous environment of a foundry floor. The Enable-IT Ethernet Extension equipment has permitted this to be automated in such a design to the point that specialists security is not compromised and the LAN gear making the modifications never becomes worn out on the repetition or makes mistakes. Overall production has possessed the capacity to triple and plant development is able to more effectively flex to meet changing output requests.

Key Benefits
  • Major reduction in workplace danger/accidents.
  • Creative custom solutions to meet extreme challenges
  • Smart LAN gear leveraging Extended Ethernet for live production control.
  • Tripling of production and plant growth as a result.

Reducing Production Downtime

Equipment support on a foundry production floor is critical to overall uptime of production operations. Foundry production has a large number of moving parts, cranes and other substantial mechanical gear that requires consistent observing and upkeep. The observing tasks were performed by visual investigation and manual re-tooling changes. Downtime for unexpected repairs costs the business beyond all doubt, so the execution of new LAN based keen checking sensors and re-tooling conformities can all the more quickly control staff as to potential issues, fix minor issues before they develop into bigger unreasonable breakdowns.

Creating New Value with a High-Performance Extended LAN Solution

The Ethernet Extension equipment has provided the company with a new prospective on how to leverage digital technology to control, manage and profit from this age old foundry business.

Solutions Used
  • 860 LRE Kit – 100Mbps FD Throughput – worlds fastest Ethernet Extender
  • 820 LRE and PoE Kit – Ethernet Data and PoE Extender – For unpowered remote controls

Extended reach Ethernet up to 6,000 feet away for source
Professional Business Grade, Ruggedized
Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty
Optional 4 Year Next Business Day Advanced Replacement
Free Ground Shipping, Fixed rate shipping for other
45-­day Money Back Guarantee