AquaTech – Gulf of Mexico Disaster

Enable-IT Ethernet Extenders Reach New Depths to aid visibility for Oil rig collapse!
The Challenge

The oil rig fall that set off the deplorable 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil slick sent huge amounts of destruction to the sea floor. Before any of the garbage could be excavated, however, the sediment layering the destruction must be expelled by a funnel like apparatus amplifying 900 ft. from the ocean’s surface to the debris below. The challenge confronting the specialist working the device topside was visibility. Since the water was unreasonably cloudy for camera pictures, surface sonar was utilized to give the administrator a “perspective” of the scene beneath. Unfortunately, surface sonar provided very limited image accuracy. This shortcoming often resulted in operator error, damaged equipment, and major slowdowns.

AquaTech - Gulf of Mexico Disaster - Ethernet Extenders Reach New Depths

AquaTech Discovering the Solution

Enter AquaTech, a main supplier of submerged gear to the Survey, Diving, ROV, Naval, and the Dredging industries. The organization’s answer was to make a direction framework that situated the sonar unit at the base of the instrument, near the activity. Such closeness would give significantly more exact sonograms to the device administrator. Obviously, the sonogram information would need to venture to every part of the full 900 ft. from sea base to the topside work zone. The test confronting them, in this manner, was building up a long-distance correspondence channel with the vital, high-thickness information rate.

AquaTech examined various arrangements that would change over this objective from ideal to reality. The group considered expanded force, bigger conductors, and Ethernet extenders. Acknowledging extenders made the most sense, they narrowed their selection to the most promising candidate — the Enable-IT 828P.

Key Benefits
  • Maximum Protection – Ensures accurate view of work region, dramatically reducing risk of equipment damage.
  • Improved Data Delivery – Provides work teams with up-to-date, accurate sonograms.
  • Monetary Savings – Low cost of unit is matched by PoE energy efficiency.
  • Time Savings – Workers relying on accurate imaging are able to complete complex tasks in record time.
  • Ease of Implementation – Unit’s compact design is perfectly matched to system configuration.


Once the AquaTech guidance system was implemented, the 828P backed up its promise with high-performance. A noteworthy purpose behind the unit’s effectiveness is its compactness. The setup required an 828P unit to be installed on a cable every 350 ft, creating a series of repeaters from the ocean floor to the surface. Each of the four units employed in the network is stored in a small pressure vessel. Large, bulky extenders would have been a cumbersome impossibility in this setup.
Data delivery jumped to a whole new level thanks to the 828P. The far-more precise sonograms generated at ocean floor depth travel the 900 ft. distance at blazing Gigabit speed, giving tool operators the necessary accurate view of the debris area. The results speak for themselves. Because of the enhanced data accuracy and precision guidance provided by the 828P, sediment removal and excavations are being completed in record time – without the costly tool damage so common with the prior system.

Al Rougeau of AquaTech points out that all data entering the system arrives at its destination unaltered and intact, making the 828P units essentially transparent. It’s as if there were no repeaters involved. Even if non-standard Ethernet protocol were to be used, the transparency would still remain.

The 828P also has proven itself extremely budget-friendly. Not only is the unit available at a fraction of the price tag carried by other solutions, the 828P continues to pay for itself by maximizing energy-efficiency. A primary reason for the energy savings is the unit’s PoE design, which eliminates the need to employ an additional pair of conductors.

Mr. Rougeau couldn’t be more pleased. “The sediment-removal tool is turning out to be extremely valuable,” he enthuses. “As these types of operations expand, I envision ordering more Enable-IT extenders in the future.”

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