ENABLE-IT 828WP Gigabit PoE Extender, Waterproof Gigabit PoE Extender

Superior IP68 Waterproof PoE Extender

Enable-IT is very proud to once again leapfrog the industry and now has multiport, IP68 Rated, Weatherproof Gigabit Ethernet Extenders and PoE Extenders.

Enable-IT 2018 W Case IP68 Rated Outdoor Waterproof Gigabit Extender

The newly designed model also comes with a limited lifetime warranty that surpasses any current manufacturer warranties including our own industry leading 4-year warranty.

Built on our proprietary design and globally recognized ruggedized styling, ONLY Enable-IT can deliver!.
One of our most popular uses for this weatherproof enclosure is for our Enable-IT 860W PRO Outdoor Gigabit Ethernet Extender IP68 Rated Gigabit Ethernet Extender kit.

Drives Gigabit Ethernet up to 4,100ft / 1,250m away – TWELVE times further than the IEEE 802.3 specifications for Ethernet LAN limits of just 328 feet. Weatherproof IP68 rated 4-Port Gigabit LAN Switch on each end.
Includes a High Power Gigabit 56V – 61W PoE injector. Requires only (1) single power source.

Or our Enable-IT™ 828WP 3-port IP68 Rated Weatherproof Gigabit PoE Extender Kit is a complete solution that drives incremental Gigabit Ethernet up to 240m or 800ft and can be deployed with up to 3 828W units in a series to reach 2,000ft (600m) at blazing fast Gigabit full wire speed. Both 2-pair and 4-pair PoE output is standard to support your high powered PoE Devices.

This professional grade Weatherproof solution is ideal for putting your PoE devices where you need them and not where you are limited to by IEEE Ethernet distance restrictions.
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