LAN Repeater

LAN Repeater Drive Your Gigabit Ethernet Distance Extender
Past 100m Beyond Ethernet’s Distance Limitation of 328ft

Enable-IT LAN Repeater
► Gigabit Throughput, Industry’s fastest Repeaters
► Plug and Go LAN Switch port/s on each end
► Secure Communications between LAN Repeater devices
► Drives High Power PoE+ 802.3af/at up to 9,000ft
► Cost-effective solution to fiber cabling
► Any CUSTOM option available at time of order
► ENABLE-IT USA Factory Floor Direct

Defining LAN Repeater

A LAN Repeater drives high-speed data communications over 9,000ft while utilizing existing copper infrastructure. Only a minimum of 1 pair of wire is needed for data transmission, however the best possible performance and throughput is achieved using CAT5e / CAT6, 23 gauge wiring or better.

Enable-IT LAN Repeaters are secure encrypted without inherent spyware unlike some cheap Chinese manufacturer alternatives out there. All LAN Repeater Ethernet Communications are transparently extended beyond the 328ft or 100 meter IEEE 802.3 distance limitation. These LAN devices can be deployed in Commercial, Residential, Industrial and Hospitality High-Speed Internet Access Environments. Many of which will drive high power PoE+ 802.3af/at signals up to 4,000ft and even come in Waterproof, Submersible, IP68 Rated enclosures for any outdoor deployment.

Enable-IT is the only source for On Demand at time of order that can create custom LAN Repeater products and solutions that ship same day from our USA Factory Floor direct. Whether you need to extend Ethernet beyond 100m or PoE Ethernet beyond 100m, Enable-IT is your go to USA manufacturer. We are the Ethernet LAN Extender Experts globally.

The installation of repeaters is critical in those domains, where attenuation and signal loss is very crucial. Repeaters are generally considered to be nonlogical devices because they propagate every signal regardless of its size, type, etc. Repeaters support both analog and digital signals and can repeat electrical and light-based signals.

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