Louisiana State Penitentiary

Louisiana State Penitentiary leverages Enable-­IT Ethernet Extender


– A Challenge of Epic Proportions

Louisiana State Penitentiary – At just over 18,000 square acres in size it is the largest maximum security prison in the United States. For its IT staff, this has meant that, as the prison attempts to modernize and integrate the networks within its immense campus, it will constantly run up against the problem of Ethernet’s distance limit (just 328 feet).
For years, the prison turned to wireless bridges to overcome this problem, but, due to their overgrowth of applications and frequency saturation, they’ve since become an non-viable solution. The prison’s preliminary solution to the Ethernet distance limit had run short, so to say.

After some research, however, the Louisiana State Penitentiary IT Support Staff had learned about the tremendous cost and time savings of using Enable-IT Ethernet extenders to drive past Ethernet’s distance limit using most forms of copper wiring and thought that the prison should give them a try.

Louisiana State Penitentiary

Louisiana State Penitentiary Success Story,…Many Times Over

After receiving their first Ethernet extender kit, an Enable-IT 860 Ethernet Extender Kit, the IT support team was very pleased to find out that it worked simply as advertised. The first challenge was connecting two high-throughput networks together over 1,000 feet away. Wireless was not an options due to inherent insecurities, fiber was too expensive and intrusive, but that had existing telephone wiring conduit and plenty of category rated CAT-5e to make a run. Not only did the 4-port Enable-IT 860 Kit extend one network to another by plugging in and powering up, it did so without any headaches in setup over time and money. This is because the 100Mbps Enable-IT 860 Ethernet Extender Kit can actually reach as far as 1.13 MILES over a single pair of wire, with no bridging in between. Moreover, it’s plug-and-play, so, aside from the installer’s travel time from one end to another, it literally takes just minutes to set up!

It was official: The prison’s IT Support staff had leveraged existing conduit and wiring to save the Penitentiary costs over the long-distance hydra involving planning, trenching and installation. This proven method is working to connect the vast, sporadic landscape of the country’s largest prison quickly, easily, and affordably. Each new project requiring Ethernet at distance regardless of type of use is now an easy choice for the IT staff and each installation has been a repeat success with the same ease of deployment.

“These things work great. They’re super easy to use,” – The Louisiana State Penitentiary IT Support Supervisor was quoted. “In fact, we’ve already installed them at distances ranging from 700 feet to over 1,000 feet, using category rated wiring, and our most recent installation used our already abundant telco copper wiring. That’s huge for us, ..and with a maximum security penitentiary that essentially encompasses four smaller prisons, we’re looking forward to using Enable-IT’s Ethernet extenders whenever necessary.”

Key Benefits
  • Overcoming Extreme Distances – Enable-IT Ethernet extenders (Enable-IT 860 Kit’s) permitted the onsite IT team to expand their network across a massive 18,000 sq. acre prison campus.
  • Cost Efficiency and Safety – Saved thousands of dollars over installing other kids of solutions by using existing basic category rated Cat-5, Cat-6, and the telco wiring they already had on hand.
  • Security – Stronger network security by implementing a solution that drives data through underground cabling rather than wireless/over-the-air.
  • Time Savings – Plug-and-play Enable-IT Ethernet extenders made deployment very quick, and very easy.
The Professional, Responsible Choice

The decision to use Made In the USA, locally supported Enable-IT Ethernet Extenders hasn’t just saved the State of Louisiana many thousands of dollars in infrastructure and administration by using them to quickly and reliably solve the Ethernet distance limit problem. It has also saved the state thousands in the future, because, unlike other
Ethernet extender manufacturers, Enable-IT’s ultra-durable Ethernet extenders are Made in the USA and come with an industry-dominating 4-year warranty. We believe consumers deserve better than cheap foreign-made equipment that only come with a 90-day warranty. Educated customers that understand this basic value, are proud and able to make the professional, responsible choice.

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