Micro Ethernet Extender

Enable-IT Micro Ethernet Extender Products Conform To Small Shapes and Sizes Enabling Long Distance LAN Deployment For Any Application!

Key Benefits
  • Ease of Deployment – Unit’s micro design is perfectly matched to system configuration.
  • Maximum Security – Certified, secure encrypted Ethernet extension technology
  • High-Speed Performance – Guaranteed highest throughput Ethernet extender products on the market.
  • Monetary Savings – Extremely cost-effective solutions in lieu of fiber products.
  • Time Savings – Workers are provided accurate, real-time data ensuring complex tasks are completed in record time.

The Challenge

Putting LAN devices into distant locations with the tightest space requirements requires a degree of skill in electrical, networking and manufacturing expertise. Finding the right solution for your networking needs can be a real hassle when selecting the proper manufacturer to do the job right and efficiently. Most manufacturing companies will not even discuss building custom Micro Ethernet extender products unless a minimum order quantity and starting point of 5,000 units or more is accepted. This leaves most businesses and customers stranded and unable to pursue solutions for their application needs.

Discovering the Solution

Thanks to Enable-IT, the Ethernet Extension Experts, customers needs are met and exceeded from the innovative engineering and manufacturing expertise provided by the sole creators of Ethernet extension technology. We support a minimum order quantity of just 5 units and have hands-on engineering staff locally in Southern California whom are capable of developing any custom requirement needed for a variety of industries ranging from: US Government Agencies like the DoD and military, DeepSea Exploration with MiniRov applications, Cruise Vessels, and Video Surveillance systems globally. No matter what the industry or application may entail, reach out to the industry’s leading manufacturer of Micro Ethernet Extenders and get the quality and support needed to secure your long distance networking requirements.

Key Features
  • Drive transparent Ethernet data over 9,000 feet or 2,743 meters connecting any type of LAN devices.
  • Utilizes existing 1 pair wiring minimum or 2-4 pair wiring using any Category Rated cabling (CAT3 to CAT6 or better).
  • Plug and go installation, no configuration required.
  • Small form factor, versatile functionality allowing for deployment in the most demanding industries.
  • Professional, business grade products wholly designed and made in the USA.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Same day, insured, flat rate shipping in the USA