Enable-IT Mission Critical Ethernet LAN Extender

Mission-Critical Ethernet LAN Extender.   Best on the Planet!

Enable-IT Offers an “Instant On” Single-Port Ethernet Extender Kit   (Released June 2016)

Our Instant-On Ethernet LAN Extenders are a new breed, with quality-assured, mission-critical reliability and performance. As soon as you power-on your device—which features 1-pair of Interlink wiring—your Ethernet Extension is instantly on and running—with no visible delay in synchronization! No other Ethernet LAN Extender on the planet offers such “no sync delay” functionality!

Enable-IT Mission Critical Ethernet LAN Extender

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If your network is so mission-critical that you cannot cannot afford to wait for synchronization, then Enable-IT’s high-performance Ethernet Extender kit is exactly what you’re looking for.

Our Ethernet LAN Extenders have mission-critical power-cycle reboot availability.  And our newest models come with a limited lifetime warranty!

Enable-IT Mission Critical Industrial Ethernet LAN Extender
Enabling Your LAN Devices To Be Installed Where You Need Them Most.

Some Key Benefits to Understand:
Enable-IT-824WP Kit Waterproof PoE Extender

►   Instant-On Mission Critical Performance
       Up and running the second you apply power.

►   Ethernet Only or Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
       In The Same Off The Shelf Kit.

►   Outdoor Waterproof IP67 / NEMA6P rated model available.

►   Single Point Of Connection For Your Power & LAN Cabling.

►   Able to support up to 9 LAN drops or 4 PoE
       drops off of the same pair of wiring.

►   Outbid Your Competitors With A Lower Cost Of Install & Labor.

►   Creative Custom Solutions To Meet Extreme Challenges.

►   Go Well Beyond Normal Distance Limits & Install Your LAN or PoE Where You Need To.

►   Plug & Go Installation In Minutes – Have Your Remote PoE and LAN Running Quickly.

Enable-IT delivers your Ethernet to places it can’t reach!

Ethernet Extension Experts (Enable-IT) has pioneered and dominated the Ethernet Extender and PoE Extender industry since 1997 and has built a worldwide brand recognition for it’s innovative solutions in commercial, residential, and hospitality HSIA solutions. Enable-IT is pleased to provide the simplest to use and most cost effective Ethernet Extension technology to exceed your expectations and deliver significant value.

Our customers include the Military; NASA; aerospace manufacturers; nautical infrastructure builders; video surveillance and security specialists; advanced telecommunications companies; extreme mining operators; global construction enterprises; commercial agriculture companies; major healthcare providers; live entertainment, broadcasting, and news agencies; extreme retail/POS organizations; long-distance education companies; international hospitality companies; and more.

Enable-IT Ethernet Extension Experts – World’s Most Popular Ethernet Extender, PoE Extender and Ethernet DSLAM are the only manufacturers in this industry that wholly design and make their products in the USA. All other competitors are more focused on their profits and not delivering high quality products regardless of cost as the Ethernet Extension Experts are. Some of core principals are our commitment to high quality products, US based expert technical support and providing custom OEM solutions. Our Ethernet Extenders and PoE Extenders deliver unsurpassed Ethernet performance, power, and reach! And we offer the most knowledgeable English-speaking customer service and technical support in the industry.

Ever try to get RMA support document or an English speaking tech on the phone from one of our competitors? Enable-IT Ethernet Extension Experts is a Premier OEM Manufacturer of Broadband Ethernet communication technologies and solutions for the hospitality, commercial office, and MxU (multiple-dwelling, multiple-tenant, multiple-commercial, multiple-hospitality) unit marketplace.

► Why Enable-IT is the Planet’s most Trusted, Go To Custom Solution and Secure Ethernet Extender, PoE Extender and Multiport DSLAM provider you will ever need!

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