Outdoor Wireless Antenna Solutions


Outdoor Wireless (WiFi) Range Extenders by Enable-IT offer superior WiFi antennas to increase your WiFi coverage and performance. You can select from these kits or contact us for assistance in designing a plug-and-play, custom solution for your needs. These antennas can be combined with our Amplifier / Booster kits and Access Point / Routers.

Wireless 802.11x WiFi extension can be accomplished through specialized amplifiers or boosters that provide for longer range and superior performance using off the shelf RF radios. Our wireless extension kits can be applied to existing wireless gear in between your radio and antenna. Our products can support a range of radios from Cisco to unknown brands as long as you can detach the exiting antenna.
The product range of Wireless Extenders kits offered by Enable-IT provide for Wireless AP extension (Bridging), PoE (Power over Ethernet) apps, POS (Point of Sale) apps and general LAN extension.