Enable-IT Overland Park Surveillance

Police Mobile Surveillance Enabled – City of Overland Park, KS

Gas lines and video tape

Key Benefits:
  • Improved efficiency
  • Higher resolution images
  • More accurate information retrieval
  • More reliable evidence

VCR Programming / Surveillance – Beyond the Flashing 12:00

The police department in Overland Park, Kansas, has long used in-car surveillance cameras to create a record of activities such as traffic stops and pursuits. Originally, collecting this video evidence entailed retrieving tapes from a trunk mounted VCR, cataloging them and transferring them to a storage facility. Chain of custody, reliability of the system and surveillance tape shelf life were all challenges.

“Fill ‘er Up”

Entering the digital age, the city recently replaced its analog cameras with digital dash cams. Each high definition camera recorded its video surveillance stream to an SD memory card. Not by coincidence, a memory card fills up in about the amount of time a gas tank on a Ford Crown Victoria empties.

Always Full Service

John Webb, Network Architect at City of Overland Park, Kansas, oversees a process whereby police cruisers automatically connect to the network while refueling and upload their data to a server. Gas pumps are necessarily located a safe distance from the building housing the servers.

Safe, Secure, Reliable

Enable‐IT 828 Gigabit Ethernet/PoE Extenders provide a high speed link to power Aruba wireless access points near the pumps. While the cruiser’s tank is filling, the system initiates a secure transfer of the camera data, complete with a full audit trail to help insure admissibility in court.

The resulting process improves the department’s efficiency while reducing costs.

Solutions Used

Enable‐IT 828 Gigabit Ethernet/PoE+ Extenders