Enable-IT Power over Ethernet (PoE) Category 5e

PoE Performance Enhanced 22AWG

PoE Performance Works Best Using 22 AWG Category 5e Cabling Power Over Ethernet

The most prevalent obstacle faced with Power over Ethernet (PoE) and high-power PoE Performance is the length at which you can transmit the power over standard Category Rated cabling while maintaining high-performance data communications. The further you try to push the PoE signal down the line, the more it degrades and eventually will not transmit. Enable-IT PoE Extenders utilize professional grade extension technologies in order to deliver PoE Performance to the greatest distances possible over existing Category Rated cabling.

Superior Essex International, a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of cable and wire products, announced in September 2015 the introduction of PowerWise Category 5e cabling, a 22-AWG (gauge) communications data cable. This cabling has been designed specifically for driving (Power over Ethernet) PoE Performance over longer distances requiring high current levels.

PowerWise Category 5e Cabling Specifications
  • Provides 88% power efficiency for 4 pair PoE+ applications over 328 feet or 100 meters.
  • 22 gauge copper wires are 59% bigger than 24 gauge copper wires usually used in Cat5e cabling.
  • Significantly higher energy savings rather than using regular Cat5e or Cat6 cabling over a 10 year period powering a 71W PoE device beyond 328ft or 100m.
  • Supports IEEE 802.3bt 4 Pair PoE standard which can transmit up to 100 watts of power over the same copper pairs used for data communications.

The Vice President of Marketing for Superior Essex, Will Bryan, stated, “The Internet of Things market falls into 3 groups regarding cabling needs. The first group requires 10-Gigabit Ethernet communications, like WiFi access points – Cat6A cable is the only way to provide such high-speed data & PoE. The second group of devices have low power and throughput requirements, like card readers and door entry systems. The third group demands a relatively high current draw, but low throughput data. For these devices, PowerWise Cat5e is the best cable design cost, efficiency and performance.”

Bryan also added, “As devices now require up to 960 milliamps of current over 4 pair data cables, there is a bonafide concern over the potential danger poised by high temperature increases in 24 gauge wires.” “You could use Cat6A cables for each of these devices requiring high current, however, the most cost-effective solution would be utilizing PowerWise Cat5e cables that don’t require 10-Gigabit data.”

Check out Enable-IT’s professional grade PoE Extenders secured in IP68 Waterproof enclosures for those seeking outdoor installations in extreme environments. Perfect for driving high-speed data communications & high-powered PoE+ up to 4,100 feet or 1,249 meters over existing 2-4 pair Category Rated cabling.

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