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License Plate Recognition is the hottest technology in law enforcement and has been compared to the radio relative to its positive and effective impact on policing efforts.
In-vehicle, secure PoE technology has enabled tens of thousands of Police License Plate Readers and other communication devices globally in the last two years alone. 
Supported by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), Mobile PoE based License Plate Recognition is as an effective tool for law enforcement. It is becoming a mainstream technology for combating violent crime, narcotics trafficking, auto theft, identity theft, and more.
In-vehicle PoE powered LPR PoE IP-based license plate readers and associated automatic recognition is helping law enforcement in real time. Our solution leverages in-vehicle power even at low 6v voltage extremes to keep critical systems up and the vehicle running.
Our trunk mounted PoE Ethernet, In-Vehicle switch and PoE IP License Plate Reader technology mounted on the side of police cars is allowing police to keep the roads safer. These cameras are advanced cameras capturing your license plate and if you haven’t seen them, they have probably seen you.
License Plate Reader Applications Besides rolling mobile scanning for current vehicle registration, the PoE Ethernet powered units have the ability to scan for stolen vehicles or other property to recover, execution of warrants, and the apprehension of unlicensed and prohibited drivers. Officers are safely notified before having to confront a driver.
Fixed sobriety road checks have the ability at short distance away to scan license plates of vehicles as they approach and provide extra alerts to the officers. Covert vehicles equipped with License Plate Readers can also be used by surveillance teams to target suspect vehicles thus helping avoid dangerous pursuits, eliminate overall general population damage, and prevent injury or death as a result of a collision.

Benefits of License Plate Reader Technology

Improved Performance and Efficiency: There is no comparison between the number of plates an officer on patrol entering license plate information manually into an onboard computer and the number that automated ALPR technology can handle. With the potential ability to read up to 3,000 plates an hour, this technology cannot help but improve productivity. Not only does the system read plates rapidly, but hits are collected only on vehicles displaying license plates that match the desired criteria and appear in the database. Law-abiding citizens are not targeted or negatively affected in any way. Data collected in the United Kingdom showed that ALPR hits accounted for 56 percent of the vehicles stopped and generated 54 percent of the arrests. Of those arrested, 55 percent had previous criminal records. Data from the United Kingdom further suggest that ALPR-enabled intercept teams achieve an arrest rate 10 times greater than the national average. Because the ALPR system can check many more plates than an officer can manually, officers will make many more roadside stops, thus enhancing the level of police visibility within their communities, which in turn can increase public confidence in the police.

PoE IP LPR Camera

PoE IP LPR Camera.

PoE IP License Plate Readers Cameras
Increased Crime Detection: The substantially larger number of vehicles pulled over as a result of ALPR technology in patrol cars means that officers will come face to face with more criminals, generating more arrests. U.K. data suggest that the national deployment of 365 APLR teams would generate 219,000 additional arrests per year. Officers attached to ALPR teams make 10 times more arrests than non-ALPR members. Arrests that are the result of ALPR stops are primarily for vehicle crimes, robbery, theft, burglary, and drug offenses. It is well known that car thieves steal cars not just to go for a drive but to help them commit other crimes such as breaking and entering, robbery, home invasion, and drug trafficking. In this way, ALPR technology can be valuable in preventing or solving many types of crime plaguing society.

As an officer cruises down the street, the cameras are snapping a picture of every single car that it passes and instantly checking them, any violations pop up on a screen mounted in the car. Every picture captured is stored with a GPS location. As patrol cars make their rounds they capture every car on every street, allowing investigators to connect the dots when crime happens.