4-Year Advanced Replacement Program

Peace of Mind Business Continuity… Next Business Day!

4 Year Advanced Replacement Program

Enable-IT is pleased to offer its customers and partners the Enable-IT Advanced Replacement Program (AREP) as a continuation of our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and support. Currently all Enable-IT products come with an industry dominating 4 year standard warranty and now the option to further protect a customer’s investment and provide simple peace of mind through a Next Business Day Delivery replacement product. No other manufacturer in our industry can stand behind their products or services as well as Enable-IT does, bar none.


If during the four year warranty period, your product fails the Out of the Box Test (OOBT), notify Enable-IT and a replacement will be shipped to you for next business day delivery.  With your replacement equipment will be a shipping label.  Ship the original equipment back to Enable-IT in the new packaging with the shipping label attached.

AREP protection should be quoted to you with any request for Enable-IT products. However, if you do not see AREP on your quote, please ask to purchase AREP protection for each of your products.

4 Step-by-Step Process:

► 1)  Customer diagnoses a product to be defective, customer fills out a RMA request at support.enableit.com, or calls (877) 772-3559 Toll Free +1(702) 924-0402 International for confirmation and troubleshooting assistance. Customer provides the serial number and AREP number found on stickers attached to the underside of the product.  If Enable-IT Customer Care determines that a replacement product is necessary, and these numbers are registered properly, an Advanced Replacement Program RMA will be created.

► 2)  If the customer does not have an account with Enable-IT, the customer will complete a credit card authorization form provided by Enable-IT before the AREP RMA is issued.  If any fee described below applies, the fee is charged to the customer’s credit card.

► 3)  Enable-IT ships an AREP replacement or AREP refurbished unit to the customer.

► 4)  Customer receives the replacement unit and promptly ships the defective unit (matching the serial number provided to Enable-IT) with the Enable-IT provided shipping label and waybill.

Enable-IT Responsibility:

►   If the completed AREP request is received by 4pm Pacific Time, Enable-IT will ship the replacement unit the same day.  Enable-IT will make every effort to ship requests received after this time on the same day, however will guarantee to ship the unit on the second business day.  The AREP RMA number must be issued by email before shipment of the replacement.
►   Enable-IT will only ship properly working replacement units.
►   Enable-IT will prepay both ways shipping cost in advance.  The replacement unit will be shipped by air (ship by ground if air shipment does not apply) and return waybill will be provided as “ground” shipping.

Customer / Reseller Responsibility:

►   Customer must provide full detail in the RMA request to minimize processing time, such as invoice number, defective unit serial number, shipping address, contact person, defective unit problem description, etc.
►   Customer must return the defective units within fifteen (15) days from the day of AREP shipment to customer by using the pre-printed return ship label created that same day.
►   Customer must ship the defective unit back to Enable-IT in the packaging provided with the replacement unit.  If packaging is damaged during shipping, customer must provide its own proper packaging to ensure a safe shipment to Enable-IT.
►   It is customer’s responsibility to remove all old shipping waybill, air shipping label from original packaging and affix new shipping label and waybill provided by Enable-IT on the outside of the box.  Failure to do so will mean any extra shipping cost or lost unit will be charged to the customer’s credit card or account.
►   Customer must return all components and accessories related to the defective unit to Enable-IT.

Program Coverage

AREP only covers those defects already covered by the Enable-IT manufacturer warranty.  Cable, battery, and accessories, etc. normally are not covered.  Check the specific manufacturer warranty for details.
Electrical or water damage are not covered under AREP or any Enable-IT warranties, if the RMA AREP kit is returned, tested and deemed to have any malfunction outside of the warranty coverage, then the customer is responsible for the cost of the overnight replacement AREP kit.
The replacement unit will be registered and covered in this program automatically until the original unit coverage expires.

No Problem Found (NPF) Unit

Before customer ships the unit back to Enable-IT, customer will determine it is a true defective unit.  If a unit returned as a “defective unit” is found to be NPF after full functionality testing by Enable-IT, a $50 US processing fee will be charged to the customer’s account or credit card for each replacement.

Customer Induced Damage (CID) Unit

If any defect in the products or part were caused by misuse, neglect, accident, abuse, improper repair, alteration or modification by Customer, or any act in violation of the original selling conditions of the product by manufacturer, the product is considered to be a Customer Induced Damage Unit (CID). Since the warranty has been voided by Customer’s actions, Advanced Replacement Program cannot apply and Customer’s account or credit card will be charged the MSRP value of the replacement product shipped and the Customer’s original warranty will be reinstated.

Delayed Return

If customer fails to return the unit within fifteen (15) days from the day of AREP shipment to customer, Enable-IT will charge the customer’s account or credit card for the AREP unit MSRP. This charge is not refundable unless the customer can provide Proof of Delivery (POD) that indicates customer did return the unit on time.

Missing Components

If the customer fails to return the complete unit to Enable-IT, customer will be notified to ship the missing parts to Enable-IT at the customer’s cost within fifteen days.  A failure to do so will permit Enable-IT to charge the cost of missing part(s) to the customer’s account or credit card. This charge is not refundable for delayed returns.

Courier Lost or Damaged

It is Enable-IT’s responsibility to claim to courier if the replacement unit is damaged or lost by courier and to ship another replacement to the customer.  It is the customer’s responsibility to claim to courier if the return unit is damaged or lost by courier, full price will be charged to the customer’s account or credit card.


Please contact our Customer Care Team at 888-309-0910 or +1 (702) 924-0402 for Advanced Replacement Program pricing on qualifying products.

Call Us Toll Free from anywhere on the Planet. We Are Here To Help You!


►   Customer must report an Advanced Replacement Program RMA claim to Enable-IT and obtain an AREP RMA number and qualify to receive replacement product.
►   Customer must use the shipping label provided by Enable-IT.  Enable-IT is not responsible for any shipping costs incurred by the Customer using other means of shipping.
►   Enable-IT is not responsible for return freight charges resulting from invalid or expired RMA shipments.
►   Enable-IT is not responsible for lost or damaged returned product packages.
►   Enable-IT ships AREP Replacement kits via UPS Overnight per this agreement.
►   P.O. Box addresses are NOT accepted for AREP returns. You must provide Enable-IT with a physical address.
►   Enable-IT’s sole liability, and the exclusive remedy, for any acknowledged defect(s) shall be the repair or replacement of the product in question with equal or like functionality.
►   Enable-IT does not offer refunds, credits or upgrades for AREP Services.
►   Canadian and overseas customers are responsible for custom charges including, but not limited to, brokerage, taxes, duties and other fees.
►   Enable-IT shall NOT be liable under ANY circumstances for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages or lost data.
►   Warranty and AREP is available only to the original purchaser.
►   AREP RMA numbers are valid for 15 days after issue date. Enable-IT must receive your original product within this time period. Any product received later than 15 days from date of AREP RMA issue, will be returned to sender.