Ethernet DSLAM is an Ethernet Extension concept invented by Enable-IT in early 1990’s for leveraging telecom technologies to convert IEEE 802.3 Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet into ITU standard 1-pair telecom signals, transporting them way past the length restrictions of the converted 802.3 limits of 100 meters (328 ft).

This effectively amplifies any Ethernet LAN signaling that uses category rated twisted pair cabling (Cat-5, Cat-5e, Cat-6, Cat‑7) and drives it over 1-pair telephone or better wiring. This technique is ideal for exceeding the 100 meters (328 ft) false distance limits when deploying a traditional Ethernet LAN infrastructure.

Ethernet DSLAM is often called by other terms such as Ethernet Extender, CAT5 extender, Network Extender, Ethernet Bridge, LAN extender or Ethernet repeater.
All of which are an idea and packaged innovation created and spearheaded by Enable-IT, Inc in the year 2000.

Enable-IT 8924 Extended Ethernet DSLAM 24 Ports

Enable-IT 8924 Extended Ethernet DSLAM 24 Ports

Ethernet DSLAM is a technical concept and bundled technology that was invented and pioneered by Enable-IT, Inc in the year 2000 stemming from it’s hospitality extended Ethernet solutions 1989 ~ 2004./

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