Enable-IT 864 Ethernet DSLAM


Professional Grade – Quad Port Gigabit Ethernet Extender DSLAM Kit

The Enable-IT 864 4-Port Mini Extended Ethernet DSLAM

Delivers Ethernet data up to TWENTY times further than the IEEE 802.3 specifications for Ethernet LAN limits of just 328 feet. Leverage existing CAT 2 up to CAT 5e / CAT 7 wiring, the 864 DSLAM can extend your Ethernet all the way up to 1.13 Miles (6,000ft) or 1.83km (1,829m), effectively saving you thousands in labor, administration, and security.


These units have built in encryption to protect the link between the units and most importantly your digital contents from foreign competitive interests that have show up in our copycat, clone competitors equipment – some of which have been banned in the USA.

MSRP $1,200 Post Install Ratings

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The Enable-IT™ 864 4-Port Mini Ethernet Extender DSLAM

We took the standard Enable-IT 860 kit and build an unmanaged (4) four port Mini DSLAM that still delivers the highest throughput Ethernet Extender solution on the planet, bar none. This DSLAM is ideal for deploying reliable and easy to install a Extended Ethernet Network to multiple locations on any copper wiring rapidly. Made in the USA with quality and pride.

The American-made 864 Ethernet DSLAM is also very easy to install and ready to work in most any environment. The 864 uses industry standard RJ-45 LAN interface.

This is because of our uncompromising quality. Ethernet Extension Experts designs and manufactures the 864 DSLAM, along with its entire product line, in the USA. Quality materials and craftsmanship not only affords us higher throughput and range than everyone else, it makes us more responsive to customer needs and industry developments. To that end, these units have been rigorously tested to provide full duplex transport up to 100MB/s over CAT2 cabling or better and have been designed to meet the modular/expansive needs of modern switched LANs.

This DSLAM is built with industrial strength components to survive harsh temperature extremes delivering twice as much value and capabilities no other competitor can touch.

Designed and Made in the USA in High Quality Handcrafted Lots

Professional Business Grade Product, Solid reliability not Chinese Home Use

Includes a Industry leading 4 year Manufacturer Warranty

Optional 4 year Next Business Day Advanced Replacement for under $2 per month

Free Ground Shipping or Low cost Flat Rate 2nd Day / Overnight

45-day Money Back Guarantee
Key Features
  • 100Mbps Throughput Extended Ethernet network over 1 pair minimum existing Telephone wiring/Category rated wiring.
  • Rapid LAN style installation RJ45 - no programming required - unmanaged DSLAM.
  • Supports (4) remote 860 CPE units up to 6,000ft away.
  • Dual 10/100 Ethernet LAN uplink ports for redundancy.
  • Supports VoD (Video on Demand) and MPEG IP channels.
  • Supports VoIP (Voice over IP).
  • Network Equipment independence - Transparent to protocols, applications and MAC addresses.
  • Sustained full-duplex service delivery end to end.
    This kit includes the following:
    (1) Enable-IT 864 4-Port Mini Ethernet Network Extender DSLAM Built in country specific power cord

    (1) 10' Black Ethernet patch cords

    True 100Mbps throughput for each remote CPE

    (1) Enable-IT 864 4-Port Quickstart Guide

    (1) 4yr Manufacturer Warranty

    (1) Optional 4yr Next Business Day Replacement

    (1) Free Shipping* and 45-day Money Back Guarantee

    Country specific AC switching power supply included. (120 - 260VAC)

    Data Rate
    100Mbps full-duplex Ethernet Data

    Ethernet: (4) LAN RJ-45 Standard 10/100 Base-TX autosensing ports

    Height 1.5" (38mm) Depth 3.75" (95 mm) Width 5.75" (146mm)

    Operational Temperature: -49°F to 168°F (-45°to 76°C)
    Humidity: 5% to 95%, non-condensing

    Industrial Ruggedized Square metal casing with Network ports

    860 PRO Wiring
    Undeniable Benefits
    #1 ► Designed and Made in the USA
            Factory Direct Highest Quality Expert Product Engineering.
            Don't be fooled by foreign companies with US offices selling you cheap quality electronics from who knows where.
            Insist on USA made high quality equipment and support.Why a Made in the USA product Matters

    #2 ► Professional Grade Equipment - Trusted Reliability
            (Ruggedized, Extreme Distance, Highest Throughput, OEM Customizable, Encrypted and Secure)
            Since 1997, we have been manufacturing the highest quality Made in the USA Ethernet Extenders
            US Factory Floor direct same day shipping. Our commitment and promise of quality and real value.

    #3 ► Lifetime Product Warranty
            Peace of Mind Longest Product Warranty in the industry - Limited Lifetime Product Warranty.
            Why would you waste your time and money with anything of inferior quality
            or from a company that doesn't stand behind it's own products?Warranty Details

    #4 ► 45-Day Money Back Guarantee
            For those who wish to try our superior USA engineered Ethernet and or PoE technology.
             We offer a gracious 45-Day trial period when purchasing single unit kits per our policy Money Back Details

    #5 ► Certified Spyware Free
            Buyer Beware! Knockoff competitors of our products have been banned by the US Govt for containing data stealing spyware.
            Our products are trusted in some of the most secure environments such as control of US Nuclear weapon systems through
            our national security contracts for the DOD and US Military.

    #6 ► No Configuration - Plug and Go - Highest Throughput
            All of our products are ready ring out of the box. Simply connect the devices to your cabling and plug them in if they require a power adapter.
            There are no configuration parameters to set up! We even include your country-specific power adapters.
            Don’t settle for low bandwidth. And because we offer the highest speeds of any Ethernet Extender Manufacturer, we make sure you won’t have to.
            High performance without compromise – that’s what you’ll get.

    #7 ► Same Day Shipping - US Factory Floor Direct
            Our US West coast AS9011D manufacturing facility processes all orders placed by 3:30pm PST and expedites for same day shipping worldwide.
             Domestic US Shipping - See our preferred shipping commitment - See our policy Same Day Shipping Details

    #8 ► Next Business Day Advanced Replacement Service
            No other manufacturer in our industry can stand behind their products or services as well as Enable-IT does bar none.
            We offer a 4-Year peace of mind business continuity AREP (Next Business Day Advanced Replacement). - See our AREP Details

    #9 ► US Based Expert Technical Support and Customer Care Team
            No need to speak Mandarin or Urdo and or wait days to get timely support to technical questions answered.
            Our Expert Technical Customer Care Team along with our OEM Design engineers and manufacturing operations are all Proudly USA In-house.
            We take great pride in listening to and understanding your needs and providing professional timely support.Click to Chat

    #10 ► Custom USA Made OEM Solutions
            If you need a design or specifications that are not in one of our products, our OEM Design engineers and manufacturing operations are all Proudly USA In-house.
            We can create tailored OEM solutions in days with minimum 10 unit quantity orders. Enable-IT can give you a strategic advantage in your marketplace.
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