Professional Grade Ethernet Extender

Designed and Made in the USA with Quality, Pride and actual craftsmanship.

We use secure encryption built in. – Your data deserves better!

The world’s most secure and preferred Enable IT Solutions are our “point to point” backbone solutions.
As the seminal creator of this industry we handcraft the Highest throughput Ethernet extenders on the planet! (GigE, Coax, G.Hn, VDSL2, ADSL2+)
DESIGNED and MADE in the USA with Quality and Pride. – Why risk your business using unsecured, cheap Chinese crap?

Gigabit Ethernet Extender

Enable-IT 860 PRO Gigabit Full Duplex Ethernet Extender

First on the PLANET to produce Gigabit Extension! As the inventors of Ethernet and PoE Extension with over 37 years of expertise, we specialize in engineering the Highest throughput Ethernet Extenders on the planet, bar none!

DESIGNED and MADE in the USA with Quality and Pride.

Gigabit Ethernet up to TWENTY times further than the IEEE 802.3 specifications for Ethernet LAN limits of just 328 feet/100m.

Coax Ethernet Extender

Enable-IT 860C PRO Gigabit Coax VDSL2 G.Hn Ethernet Extender

Leverage common coax to extend Ethernet securely up to 1.13 miles (1.83 km) away. Gigabit Ethernet models available over coaxial cable with BNC connectors.

DESIGNED and MADE in the USA with Quality and Pride.

All models feature a 4-Port Gigabit LAN Switch on each end. Optional IP68 Rated Waterproof and PoE Extender options.

Most importantly these units all use secure encryption between units to protect your network.

Extended Ethernet DSLAM

Extended Ethernet DSLAM Buy USA made G.Hn Enable IT Solutions
Multiport, managed Extended Ethernet in a rack-mount unit that allows you to easily connect multiple distant locations up to 24,000ft away.

Enable IT Solutions Professional Grade, Made in the USA with quality and pride.

Provides secure encryption networking for the long distance runs for installs in Hotels, outdoor camps, Office complexes, Apartments, Campus Dormitories, Ski Resorts, Stadiums, Shopping Malls Trailer parks, Marinas and Cruise Ships. Typically these runs can be exposed to unmonitored, unsecured physical access and you need encryption for the data inside the link.

Utility Ethernet Extender

Basic Ethernet Extender

Since founding the Ethernet and PoE Extension industry in 2000, Enable-IT has produced The Global “Gold Standard” in Ethernet and PoE Extension Solutions (Coax, G.Hn, VDSL2, ADSL2+).

For a range of low cost, medium-range, Basic Ethernet Extension solutions – Plug-and-go from 400 feet up to 6,000 feet see our recommended products to meet your budget and needs.

DESIGNED and MADE in the USA with Quality and Pride.

Waterproof Ethernet Extender

Waterproof VDSL2 Ethernet Extender Buy USA made Enable IT Solutions

IP68 / NEMA 6P rated enclosed Ethernet Extender & PoE Extender. Ideal for rugged, outdoor or extreme environmental conditions where the benefit of having extended LAN Ethernet and Power over Ethernet is desired and not restricted to false distance limits.

Professional Business Grade Performance, Waterproof Enclosures.

DESIGNED and MADE in the USA with Quality and Pride.

Custom OEM Solutions

OEM ADSL2 Ethernet Extender Buy USA made Enable IT Solutions

Enable IT Solutions – We are very proud in our ability to deliver expert engineering and high quality (Coax, VDSL2, G.Hn, ADSL2+) OEM products from the smallest to largest of runs. We are certified secure to be used in the highest security networks in the US Government under several DoD and national security contracts.

Our extenders can protect your network unlike Chinese spyware filled competitors.

DESIGNED and MADE in the USA with Quality and Pride.