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Why a USA-Made Ethernet Extender Matters


There are many kinds of IT shoppers: those who insist on finding the lowest price, even at the cost of sacrificing security, performance and quality products, those who insist on the highest quality, security and performance in IT products, even if it isn’t at a rock-bottom price, and finally those who try to find a balance without sacrificing in too many of the above described areas. Where IT products like an Ethernet Extender are concerned, those quality differences can be profound. But quality isn’t the only reason to select IT hardware that’s Made in the USA. Here are several reasons why that little sticker on any IT LAN product and packaging is so meaningful…

You Demand the Absolute Best in LAN Security
Deceptively low cost, non USA Ethernet Extender quite often contain “backdoors.” Backdoors are major security vulnerabilities deliberately built into equipment firmware like an Ethernet Extender so that the manufacturer or government can “Listen in to your Network” later, without the buyer’s knowledge.

Hardware manufacturers and software developers can leave what’s called a “backdoor” in their products. Chinese manufactured backdoors are known and deliberate security vulnerabilities that allow the vendor, or potentially a government or other outside party, to access the product after the sale, without the knowledge or consent of the user. Not only can the vendor, government, or other entity access the backdoor vulnerability while you own the Ethernet extender, but also hackers often figure out these vulnerabilities and exploit these Internet backdoors. Some known banned LAN hardware vendors are Huawei, VersaTek, Lenovo, China Telecom and ZTE, however these are still knowingly re-branded (Trojan horse disguised) and brought into the US under brands you think you trust.  Demand a guarantee and proof that it is Made in the USA! before you put this spyware enabled Ethernet Extender in your network.
Why risk your company’s business secrets to eavesdropping Chinese competitors?

While “Made in the USA” doesn’t guarantee that the products you buy don’t have a backdoor access, it is a lot safer than products made in China and other parts of the world where these backdoors are commonplace and lately state sponsored programs. Do you really want a foreign government peeking in on your internal LAN traffic and business secrets?

You Want to Steer Clear of Potential Counterfeit Hardware
Chinese Ethernet Extender
When you’re ordering online or buying from someone other than an established retailer, it’s easier than you might expect to end up with a counterfeit product. Common indications that what you’re looking at isn’t the real thing include (but are not limited to) a slight misspelling of the product name or the absence of the Made in the USA label. Also, if a product that you know regularly sells for well over $200 is offered for half or less than this price, it could be a counterfeit.

You can avoid counterfeit products by buying only from reputable businesses you know. For example, go directly to the website of a USA Ethernet Extender manufacturer’s website or to a distributor that you know properly vets their products and suppliers. If you shop online, carefully check that store’s rating and read their reviews. Look for indications that they might be selling counterfeits, such as poor packaging, instructions that are written only in a foreign language, and extraordinarily low prices on high-quality products.

You Need to Be Able to Read & Understand the Instructions & Warranty Info
beware of Chinese Ethernet Extender

IT products made in non-English speaking countries might be in a different language. Even when translated, these instructions can be very difficult to understand.

A final reason for buying only a Made in the USA Ethernet Extender is that you will be able to read and understand the instructions. While products made in China and other non-English speaking nations may come with “English” instructions, the translations are often so poor that they are difficult to understand. Likewise, the warranty might be difficult or impossible to read.  Next try Technical Support. Are they able to communicate effectively enough with you and can they give you clear expert networking or custom manufacturing support in English? Are you able to get custom Ethernet Extender units at the time of order to your needs or does it take 4 months and lots of overseas design time with large quantities just to get what you really need?

If you buy a product that wasn’t made in the USA, you probably have no legal recourse if the company doesn’t make good on their warranty.
Any worthwhile USA Ethernet Extender manufacturers and retailers should have a minimum of 4 year if not, Lifetime warranties to stand by their Made in the USA Quality.

Was your Ethernet Extender Made in the USA?
If not, talk to us and we may be able to offer a trade up of your Extender for an Enable-IT Secure Ethernet Extender like our 821 LAN Extender Kit See product details here