VIAAS Cloud based Video Surveillance

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VIAAS Cloud Based Video Surveillance

This solves a few problems in not having to buy individual standalone DVR/NVR system for every site you need to monitor and Video storage / expansion issues not to mention encrypted and secure.

This is a VIAAS Camera review with the included bundled cloud based service that makes this solution standout as unique plug-and-go one.
There are some amazing technical features that have been made simple by this type of solution that allows anyone to quickly setup a robust PoE IP Video Security infrastructure with almost no IT experience whatsoever.
VIAAS Cloud IP Camera Solution

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Traditional IP Video security systems require the installation of a onsite local DVR/NVR and setup. Internet options are available so you can remotely access the controls and view video streams unprotected.
These DVR/NVR systems require additional LAN cabling, setup, storage options, battery backup, Internet access per every site. Each system can be at risk for loss due to fire, flood, earthquake along with all the video stored.

As part of the VIAAS Camera review we included the the VIAAS integrated cloud solution as this is the new video surveillance “as a service” delivered over the Internet that drives all the VIAAS cameras regardless of how many types or the number of sites you need to monitor.
This feature significantly reduces all the costs associated with individual site DVR/NVR’s, is more secure with encrypted video streams from the cameras to the cloud storage and down from the cloud storage to your web based viewer.

This VIAAS Camera review found the VIAAS IP cameras very simple to install, and it provides the power of professional monitoring systems while delivering enterprise-class reliability without the complexities typically associated with video monitoring solutions.
The cost of entry is slightly less equivalent than premise-based systems but far easier to install and the DVR operates as a service. You benefit from lower initial and ongoing cost of ownership. Some of the unique features include:
A video footage search engine (IntelEvents) that allow users to easily find a particular video (by date and time of capture) without having to browse the videos for hours.

The VIAAS PoE IP cameras automatically connect via your existing internet connection to the cloud service without any additional network configuration.
Authorized Users can access videos by logging into their own VIAAS web interface to search the archive or watch the real time streaming from any camera on all their sites.
Another great automatic feature is the patented Bandwidth Shaping technique that requires less than one-tenth the traditional bandwidth of other IP cameras.
All video streams from the IP cameras to the cloud and down from the cloud to your viewer are encrypted for security and data authenticity.
The VIAAS Cameras are 1080p capable and depending on the service level operate at 1080P or 720P. The fixed IP cameras work very well in low light situations, have a simple snap-on IR illuminator, or can see in the dark using an external IR illuminator.

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VIAAS Camera Review Key Benefits Include:
  • Unique plug-and-go Install; No IT expertise needed.
  • All video 256-bit encrypted from IP Camera to storage and storage to your viewer.
  • Lower cost of entry vs traditional IP Cameras / DVR.
  • Advanced VMS functionality that is professional but simplistic to use.
  • Automatic patented Bandwidth Shaping reduces Internet bandwidth vs. traditional video streaming.
  • Outstanding Video quality for day, superior at low light, and complete dark with an IR illuminator.