What is a Coax PoE Extender

Looking for running Power Over Ethernet Over Coax? You need a Coax PoE Extender Solution. Learn about PoE Coax or PoE Over Coax Here.

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) is a networking standard to combine Ethernet LAN signaling with low voltage DC electricity and typically is used on twisted pair cabling such as Category rated LAN wire, or can be used over any 1-pair wiring like Coaxial cabling.

Power Over Ethernet Over Coax is an specialized adaptation of this Ethernet Over Coax standard to further reduce the number of wire pairs to 1-pair for transporting both Ethernet and DC Power over the same 1-pair. Requirements for this are typically when only 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm Coaxial wiring or 1-pair of wire is available for deploying a PoE Device.

Make the most of your existing analogue coaxial infrastructure and utilize PoE Coax Extender cable technology for an easy changeover to a modern PoE Ethernet IP-based video surveillance system. We recommend for long distance PoE Coax Ethernet, to use a Coax PoE Extender that can go up to at least 1,500 ft.

The original and current standard Ethernet Over Coax Extender products are point-to-point solutions (Coax PoE Extender / Power Over Ethernet Over Coax Adapter). This means there is one locally powered transceiver at the camera and one locally powered receiver at the control room. While this is perfect for small systems. A better solution for these larger systems that still want to benefit from utilizing their existing analogue infrastructure is use a PoE switch, with four PoE ports and one coax uplink port at the camera.

Power Over Ethernet Over Coax Extender / Ethernet Over Coax PoE Adapter technology leveraging Coax PoE Extenders and PoE Coax Adapter Kits will enable more installers to approach an IP migration project with a new set of financial and installation options. The end result is a high-performance system that saves all parties involved time, money, and concerns over flexibility and adaptability.

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Ethernet Over Coax Extender products (Coax PoE Extender, Coax Extender or Ethernet Over Coax Adapter Kits) provide an easy-to-connect, transparent network bridge between existing Ethernet LAN ports and Coaxial cabling that is very simple to use, reliable, and offers seamless integration between the existing coaxial cable and the Ethernet backbone of the new system.

It is important to note that this technology is not compatible with existing Live TV over coax signaling (CATV) as the frequencies step on the EoC signals and RF channels on the coax are taken over by video RF encoding. Video Cable Service companies have a Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification called DOCSIS that is a separate technology built into Cable modems for Internet access by Video Cable service providers.

Coax PoE Extender or or PoE Coax Adapter Kits typically only support point to point single line communications. Meaning you use a single coax cable run from one Coax extender unit to another Coax extender unit only. The Enable-IT 821 Ethernet Extender kit using coax can support up to 9 Coax PoE Extender units on the same single coax cable run. – A feat that no other competitor has the ability of doing.

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When installing a Enable-IT Coax Extender kit on a coaxial cable, they establish a connection automatically and depending on the model, they deliver plug and go Ethernet performance or PoE (Power over Ethernet) capabilities.

Coax PoE Extender Solutions – Real World PoE Coax Applications

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