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Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a networking standard defined by the IEEE as 802.3af, 802.3at and 802.3bt standards.

PoE is a technique to bridge Ethernet LAN Signals over twisted pair or other wiring transport electrical power in concert with Ethernet signals up to 100m or 328 feet.

This electrical power can be combined on the same wire pairs as the Ethernet signal or on separate unused wire pairs in the same cable.

Power Over Ethernet Extender concept and creation came to fruition in 2005 when Enable-IT adapted it’s Ethernet Extender technology to allow Long Distance Power Over Ethernet transport for self powering end PoE device like PoE WiFi Access points and PoE IP Cameras.

Make the most of your existing wiring infrastructure and utilize Power Over Ethernet Extender technology to drastically lower your cost for installing any PoE Ethernet devices such as PoE IP-based video surveillance, PoE WiFi (Wireless) Access points and PoE IP Access Control Devices.

We recommend for long distance PoE Ethernet, to use our PoE Extender Solutions that can go up to 4,100 feet. Put Your PoE Where You Need It!

Power Over Ethernet Ethernet technology leveraging Enable-IT PoE Ethernet Extenders enable installers to put their PoE Devices where they want to and not where they are limited to by old school misunderstanding on how electricity works.

The end result is a high-performance system that saves all parties involved time, money, and concerns over flexibility and adaptability.

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Power over Ethernet (PoE) is an evolving technology that extends the already ultra-broad functionality of Ethernet by supplying reliable DC power over the same cables that currently carry Ethernet data.

Unlike Ethernet that requires a minimum or 4 wires (2-pair) for a data connection up to 8 wires (4-pair) for Gigabit Ethernet and above, Electricity only needs 2 wires (1-pair) for Positive and Negative Voltage. Electricity is not limited to the short distances of 802.3 Ethernet and PoE is only distance governed by impedance of the wire over distance.

Power Over Ethernet products (PoE Ethernet Extender or PoE Extenders) provide an easy-to-connect, transparent power and Ethernet network bridge between existing AC power outlets with Ethernet LAN date over your cabling to remote PoE Devices. A Plug and Go simple to use, reliable, and offers seamless solution up to 4,100ft away from your source power/data.

The latest update to PoE is the IEEE 802.3at standard, known as PoE+. The major difference between 802.3af (PoE) and 802.3at (PoE+) is that PoE+ PSEs can provide almost twice as much power over a single Ethernet cable – PoE Ethernet. Because PoE allows you to use one cable for both power and data transmission, PoE saves you money on purchasing and running cable for networking equipment and VoIP phones. PoE makes installing or expanding a network much simpler and cheaper in buildings where it is too expensive or inconvenient to install new power lines.

Cheap Chinese PoE Extender kits like the Axis T8129 only support low throughput, low power, single port PoE Device extension. For Superior, Reliable, Quality PoE Extender solutions that offer incredible functionality, like DIP Switch selectable PoE Output, 2-pair or 4-Pair PoE output, Disabling of PoE to safely attach a PC while installing in the field, and multi-port Drop location all on the same wire run, look no further than the options offered by Made in the USA Enable-IT PoE Extenders.

Enable-IT 821P PoE Extender Experts Made In The USA

When installing a Enable-IT PoE Extender kit, they establish a connection automatically and depending on the model, they deliver plug and go Ethernet performance with the right PoE (Power over Ethernet) output to go the distance. Ideal for installing any PoE Device, especially high powered PTZ IP Access cameras like Axis, Pelco, Ubiquity, Sony, HikVision, and FLIR.

PoE Extender Solutions – Real World PoE Ethernet Applications


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