What To Look For In Buying An Ethernet Extender Kit

When researching and shopping for an Ethernet Extender, there are several key factors you should always keep in mind and feel comfortable with before committing to buy. These key factors will save you lots of time, grief and money, not to mention any lost productivity and downtime later on.

  • Cost
– Full wire speed does not have to cost a fortune and cheap gear can cost you in downtime and support issues – Beware!  Cheap Chinese made products often have design flaws, typically have low throughput with unsatisfactory performance and have a high failure rate.
  • Speed
– Throughput should be one of your key requirements for Full LAN speed – don’t settle for low bandwidth!  Make sure to understand and inquire about the true throughput for the wire type you plan to use. Many low cost products fail to perform at satisfactory throughput speeds.
  • Installation
– Ease of Installation should be Plug-and-Go, country specific power adapters, no configuration setup or programming!  All Ethernet Extenders should be plug-and-play with no parameters to adjust. Be aware of having to do any setup or programming as this is an indication of inherent latency delays built into the communications. Make sure you can get your country specific power adapter otherwise you will be searching for compatible ones and you could void your warranty if you goof and apply the wrong power.
  • Reliability
– Research community user opinions and reviews!  Ask for references that match your industry. It is not surprising that the cheap Chinese clone units on the market have a high failure rate.
  • Support
– Look for responsive, informative, and creative solutions!  Look for globally available and timely support to assist you when you need Pre or Post sales support is key. A professional company will have a support portal where you can research FAQ lists, product manuals and application guides. Their RMA department should have a web-based trouble ticket system and detailed reports to protect your investments.
  • Solutions
– Find a company that will listen to your needs and create new products or solutions to meet or exceed your needs!  Only one manufacturer has consistently created new products to meet custom needs of its customers. OEM board level solutions all the way to integrating features into standard product offerings.
  • Warranty
– Industry standard is 90 days. Look for a minimum of 2 to 3 year coverage!  Industry standard warranty is approx. 90 days. Any product worth looking at should at least be a one (1) year warranty. Ethernet Extender products are highly susceptible to lightning because of installation wiring so we recommend looking into an extended warranty.
  • Guarantee
– Be smart, get a money back satisfaction guarantee!  Only one manufacturer in the industry believes enough in their equipment and offers a money back guarantee, so if this is important to your evaluation or purchase it is definitely the extra benefit to have.