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The Definitive Guide on Ethernet and PoE Extenders

(Ethernet Repeater / CAT5 Extender / Ethernet Bridge / Network Bridge / LAN Extender / Network Extender)


Enable-IT Ethernet Extender
A Technical description of the technologies and concepts we created to solve common challenges. This is a key primer in the importance of the core LAN technology that drives everything in our 21st century world whether seen or unseen.

Why Use Ethernet Extenders?

Enable-IT Ethernet Extender
Save Money with secure alternatives to fiber, wireless and repeaters. Put your LAN or PoE equipment where you need to and not where you are limited to. Try the technology to see the benefits for yourself. Enable-IT has a crazy generous 45-day return policy.

How to buy an Ethernet Extender!

Buying an Ethernet Extender
When researching and shopping for an Ethernet Extender, there are several key factors you should always keep in mind and feel comfortable with before committing to buy. These key factors will save you lots of time, grief and money not to mention any lost productivity and downtime later on.

Why Enable-IT?

Why Enable-IT?
Our list of capabilities is extensive since we created the technology and concepts for both Ethernet and PoE extension.

Enable-IT is proud to be one of the only US Based manufacturers in this industry we created. Our products are the world’s leading brand for quality, security and exceptional support.

Product Catalog

Enable-IT Product Catalog
Enable-IT’s focus is dedicated primarily to solid reliable solutions for the common Ethernet and PoE distance challenges.

Our product catalog reflects our core competency in the highest quality solutions to meet your needs.

Technical Troubleshooting Guide

OEM Equipment
This document is for understanding Basic 101 Ethernet LAN Troubleshooting.
This guide has some basic tips for common issues and pages for troubleshooting products by proving out each segment.

Ethernet Extenders are LAN modules that can be used on almost any wiring to transparently drive Ethernet communications beyond the IEEE 802.3 specifications for distance limitation of 328 feet or 100 meters. Traditionally fiber has been the only solution available to extend your LAN until wireless spectrum WiFi standards were available. Unfortunately, both technologies have other limitations which include high troubleshooting costs, unsecured data packets and lack of abilities to transmit power.

Ethernet extenders drive long range, high-speed data communications between geographically separated LANs or LAN devices and create very cost-effective, bridged Ethernet connections. Ethernet Extenders can be used for Point-to-Point (Backbone) runs or Point-to-Multipoint (Ethernet DSLAM – Digital subscriber line access Mux) and are typically deployed in Commercial, Residential, Industrial and Hospitality High Speed Internet Access environments. Ethernet Extenders can be referred to as Network extenders, LAN extenders, Ethernet repeaters, CAT5 extenders, Ethernet Bridge, Network Bridge and Ethernet cable extenders and use a variety of transmission technologies over physical media such as copper or fiber. Extenders that use copper wiring operate on 1 or 2 pair unconditioned wiring (POTS) up to category rated twisted pair (CAT3…CAT6).

In 1997, Enable-IT, Inc. (The Ethernet Extension Experts) created the concept and pioneered a revolutionary copper based Ethernet Extension technology that solves all the limitations and issues with the previous fiber or wireless solutions. Enable-IT Ethernet LAN Extenders can drive Ethernet beyond 6,000ft (1.83km), In 2004, Enable-IT again pioneered PoE extension (Power over Ethernet) with data up to 3,500ft (1.06km) and specializes in custom OEM designs for several different industries. We now have the ability to extend PoE up to 6,000ft.