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Enable-IT CAT6 Repeater

The Enable-IT CAT6 Repeater Also Known As:

(Ethernet Extender, Ethernet Bridge, LAN Extender, Network Extender)

Plug and Go Installation, no configuration required
► Secure Encrypted LAN Data, No Inherent Spyware
► Drives High-speed Data Communications over 6,000ft
► Utilizes existing copper wiring 1 or 2 pairs (CAT3 or better)
Gigabit Throughput, fastest Repeaters in the market today
► Cost-effective solution to fiber cabling
► Supports Power over Ethernet natively
► IP68 Rated Waterproof, Submersible versions available!

A CAT6 Repeater can be deployed in Commercial, Residential, Industrial and Hospitality High-Speed Internet Access Environments. Typically used for Point-to-Point (Backbone) runs or Point-to-Multipoint (Ethernet DSLAM – Digital Subscriber Line Access Mux).

These are LAN devices that can be used with almost any wiring to transparently drive Ethernet communications beyond the 328 feet or 100 meter IEEE 802.3 distance limitation specification. Excellent for extending LAN devices like IP Cameras, WiFi Access Points, and Access Control Systems using Card Readers or Door Entry systems. Put your LAN where you need it and not where you are limited to!

Some of our Products that are CAT6 Repeaters

Enable-IT, Inc. has 37 years of experience as a USA based worldwide manufacturer of network connectivity products which grants us the type of comprehensive expertise needed to build custom OEM solutions for a wide range of demanding customers.

Our unsurpassed combination of American engineering, decades of experience, highly flexible capacity, and U.S.-based process control makes us the best value in the business…and the only OEM Ethernet Extension solution provider you’ll ever need.

Enable-IT is the only source for On Demand at time of order that can create custom Ethernet CAT6 Repeater products and solutions that ship same day from our USA Factory Floor direct. Whether you need Ethernet or PoE extended, Enable-IT is your go to manufacturer. We are the Ethernet CAT6 Repeater Experts globally.




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