Why Use Enable-IT Ethernet Extenders

Enable-IT Ethernet Extenders eliminate the need for installing expensive 802.3 repeaters (Ethernet Repeater), twisted pair (CAT5/CAT6) cabling, or fiber and associated fiber transceivers. Ethernet Extenders provide the most cost effective solutions for any LAN extension project, including Wireless Access Point installation, PoE (Power over Ethernet), IP Security Camera and POS (Point of Sale) applications. Ethernet Extenders create effective seamless LAN connections across disparate LANs in office parks, across streets, around college campuses, joining remote buildings or within large enterprise businesses. Data communication in extreme environments such as diving bells, mining shafts, outdoor entertainment venues, movie theaters, Cruise ships, remote island neighbors, Antarctic remote monitoring stations, Marinas, International Space Station and Military troops in the field have all benefited from the use of Ethernet Extender Kits.
Save Money, Use existing copper

Ethernet Extenders Save Money
Leverage existing copper (Telephone, coax or twisted pair). Up to Gigabit speeds and PoE options. More secure than any wireless technology and can deliver Power over Ethernet where fiber can’t. Don’t be fooled by fiber costs as troubleshooting costs will more than shock you.

Professional Grade

Enable-IT 865 Pro 100Mbps Full Duplex Ethernet Extender Kit
Highest Quality, Designed & Made in the USA with Pride.
Not Cheap Chinese so called business use. Ruggedized, long distance, highest-throughput, and longest warranty.
You can trust value of your company’s LAN traffic and network vs cheap Chinese knockoff imitators that can contain insidious spyware.

45-Day Money Back Guarantee

Enable-IT 45-Day $ back Guarantee
EnableIT has a crazy generous 45-day return policy.
This policy allows for our technology to be experienced and tested risk free. Our customers really appreciate the extra efforts our Customer Care Team Engineers go to to assist you in making the right choice for your application. We listen above anything else and help you understand the practical uses.

Certified Spyware Free

Enable-IT 828 1000mbps Full Duplex Ethernet Extender unit wired
Is your Network Secure? Is your Data Safe?
Are your Ethernet Extenders Cheap Chinese Gear?

Enable-IT Extenders are certified spyware free and trusted in some of the most secure environments such as control of US Nuclear weapon systems, Federal prison access control and many highly sensitive networks where all foreign made extenders are banned.

Same Day Flat Rate Shipping

Enable-IT 828 1000mbps Full Duplex Ethernet Extender unit wired
Any orders placed by 4:30pm PST are expedited by their staff for same day shipping worldwide.
The manufacturing floor provides stock for several domestic US distribution facilities such as Ingram Micro, Anixter, Graybar, Grainger and several specialty resellers; Therefore stock is never an issue and you the customer get to select the delivery speed.

Next Business Day Advanced Replacement

Enable-IT 828 1000mbps Full Duplex Ethernet Extender unit wired

Peace of Mind Business Continuity… Next Business Day!
If during the four (4) year warranty period, your product fails an Out of the Box Test, notify Enable-IT and a replacement will be shipped to you for next business day delivery. Is the value of your network link being down greater than a few dollars per month?

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